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  • Lucas
    Great claws!!!
    These meat claws are strong, sharp, and really do make shredding cooked meat easier. Before I bought these, I pulled pork (and beef, and chicken) with two forks. That always took more time and effort than I thought it should, and my hands were always tired and sometimes achy afterwards. So, for an upcoming family gathering where I planned to pull two whole pork shoulders, I wanted a better method. I ordered a set of these, but as the date of the gathering drew near, and I worried I would not get these claws in time, I bought a different pair of meat-pulling claws at a local store. Then, these arrived, in time for the gathering. As a result, I was able to "test drive" both types of tools. I have to say that using these Cave Tools claws is the superior way to pull pork shoulder into shreds. The grips on these tools allow them to work like extensions to my knuckles, and they really do allow the user to pull an entire pork shoulder into shreds in just a couple of minutes, versus what I estimate would have been 10 to 15 minutes of work using two forks, and would have resulted in tired "people paws" afterward. Great claws!!!

    Jul 31,2018

  • Baylee
    Great quality claws.
    Great quality claws. I had one of the more plastic sets of these for the last couple of years. I lost or misplaced them so decided to buy some more. Now the plastic ones were nice and they worked, the tips of the claws had all softened up and curled a bit from shredding muliple pulled pork roasts with them. They were robust, but just at the tips the heat dulled and twisted them a bit.
    So when I replaced them I knew I wanted to go with a stainless set so the tips would stay sharp. This set seems to be of good quality. I broke them in with the Prime rib using them to rotate the roast around on my grill and get a good sear and some charcoal flavor on the outside of the roast.
    These can be used to shred meat such as pulled pork or shredded chicken. They also work great to carry a large roast or large cooked bird. Lastly you can use them to hold your meat while you slice it. They give you much better control then the old large meat forks do. They worked flawlessly, felt good in my hand, and were usable with high temp grill gloves. Great Purchase.

    Jul 12,2018

  • Reed
    These things are awesome.
    These things are awesome. You may feel like Wolverine when you pull them out of the package but be careful because they are very sharp. Yes they're very sharp but I didn't feel like Wolverine, no I felt like a bear. Not the cuddly bearded flannel clad San Francisco kind of bear, and not Pooh Bear either. I felt more like a grizzly bear, a big angry,salmon eating Alaskan bear. These meat claws ripped through my pork roast to make shredded pulled pork like a grizzly bear through a Alaskan hunters tent. These things are awesome and I can see them lasting for many years to come.

    Jul 18,2018

  • Melissa
    This is the second pair of Bear Paws I have purchased
    This is the second pair of Bear Paws I have purchased; the first pair was for the old guy here and I was so impressed, I bought a second pair for my Daughter and Son-In-Law. We use the Bear Paws for so many things around the kitchen above and beyond making short work of shredding chicken, beef and pork incredibly easy and fast. I have lifted a 26 pound turkey with the Paws. This is one kitchen/grill tool you have to have. Thanks to the inventor of Bear Paws for making food prep so much more fast and efficient.

    Aug 17,2018

  • Nina
    These claws are awesome.
    These claws are awesome. I use to shred my pork roasts with two large serving forks, but after a few minutes, I had to stop and let my hands recover. These claws make the shredding so easy. They tear through and shred the meat very quickly with minimal effort. I have used them to shred pork butts and chickens. I was a bit concerned because they are stain steel and plastic, but that concern vanished quickly when I saw how well-made they are. I'm sure these will outlast me!

    Aug 18,2018

  • Shirley
    I like the shredder claws and these are the best I have owned yet.
    I like the shredder claws and these are the best I have owned yet. Also can be used to transport roasts and meats. These seem to be sharper and do shred Pork Shoulders well when we slow smoke the already Cajun brined meats to about 205 degrees F until it is falling apart and then these claws work very well and save much time in shredding the meats to make wonderful pulled pork for any purpose, as long as it is for eating! Thanks!

    Aug 02,2018

  • Edward
    These work great for back scratches, not really. Haven't cooked a brisket or pork butt yet, but they are definitely sturdy enough and am sure they will do a great job at shredding meat. Will use on pork butt for shredding and for other meats, will keep them handy to just grab meats to save them from the clutches of hot coals. Plan on taking them hunting with me in case I ever confront another bear I have to contend with.

    Aug 03,2018

  • Arthur
    work well
    Got these for my girlfriend. She does a lot of smoked meats and she loves them.
    Very well made of heavy stainless steel and good handles. They are kind of big for a person with small hands, like my girlfriend, but they work well.
    Delivery was fast in very nice packaging.

    Jul 13,2018

  • Landen
    They Are functional and Fun!
    We have wanted to get these for a long time! My husband loves using them ! We use crock pot a lot and this helps shred meat! They Are functional and Fun!

    Jul 10,2018

  • Carlo
    zanmini ZMMC2 Stainless Steel Claw Meat Mincer Set of 2
    Much easier to use than forks for shredding. Not as good as using your hands, but great to use with hot food.

    Jul 20,2018