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  • sean
    Good nightlight
    Was looking for a night light that was bright enough to light thw house at nighr but not too bright. This product is perfect its sleek not bulky. And works great. One of the best nightlights I've had. Brightness doesn't fad even after several weeks of use. Sensor is accurate. In the end it does what it's supposed to do, its brightness holds a reciprocal relationship to level of darkness., turn on when it's dark and turn off when its light

    Aug 12,2019

  • Owen
    Cute nightlights that work
    Love these! Perfect lighting for a nursery. It brightens up the room but it’s a soft light that doesn’t bother. They are bright but not blinding. We have them all over my house. Set 6 of them up before leaving for 6 days vacation to give light in home without using so much electricity. Very cool. Great product, liked them enough to order a second set for the house, highl recommend

    Aug 15,2019

  • Cesar P.
    Very impressed!
    These little cute lights are work great, Their compact design does not detract from the home interior design. They put out some nice light for being so small. Great for kids or in my case a girlfriend that doesn't like the dark! Put them all over the house and they only turn on when it gets dark! Simple, easy and cheap! I was impressed.

    Aug 17,2019

  • Viktor
    ночник от Xiaomi
    ночник очень компактных размеров, я сделан из качественных материалов как и всегда всё от xiaomi, Я из минусов могу отметить вилку китайскую Но продавец положил переходник на европейскую также к минусам могу отнести не очень сильный свет, ночник светит тёплым желтоватым светом, из плюсов есть режим автоматического включения, в общем ночник не плохой за свои деньги, я брал за 230₽

    Jan 24,2020

  • Anvar
    Cool, but not ideal.
    There is NO PIR-sensor (sensing moving objects), BE CAREFUL, only photoelement, reacting to light intensity. That means it will light all night long, even if nobody around.

    Oct 14,2019

  • Denis
    Yeelight Square Plug-in Night Light
    Сделан качественно, как и все от Xiaomi. Моя ошибка, не внимательно прочитал описание, оказывается в нем нет датчика движения - это просто маленький светильник реагирующий на уровень света в помещении. Поэтому думаю, куда его приспособить.

    Oct 10,2019

  • Marat
    Отличный ночник
    Интересный продукт от сяоми. Автоматическое включение и выключение от интенсивности дневного света. Ещё бы датчик на движение сюда впихнуть

    Sep 16,2019

  • l kalsted
    So useful
    I like these they provide just the right light. I purchased these because I always get up in the middle of the night so these help me get to the bathroom and kitchen without issue.

    Aug 16,2019

  • Andreas
    Simple lamp
    It's pretty low light. As soon as the light goes out. Sensitive enough. There was an adapter for Greece. On offer it's worth it

    Sep 09,2019

  • Nikolay Yanev
    Good led night lamp
    Best price and fast delivery for this xiaomi yeelight night lamp. Delivery time is good: 10 days.

    Sep 09,2019