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  • TA.D
    I have had this same keyboard before when the price was alot higher, the keys are so soft when typing you don't even hear them, easy when typing soft to the touch, it's a full sized standard keyboard which I really like, the look and feel of the keyboard is awesome, much better than the lit keyboards I've used in the past where the lighting jumps out at you, after buying several different lighted keyboards and all were priced much lower than this one, i am very pleased with this keyboard and would have bought it if the price was the same as before as I loved it back then and love it now, this keyboard is really the best and for the price now and free shipping to boot

    Jul 21,2018

  • Nlakat13
    I often type while just having a desk light on which does not light up the keyboard, it makes it so much easier when looking for a certain key or just for setting down your hands to start typing, the keys are extremely quiet when typing compared to other keyboards I've had before which could be rather loud, the short flip-out feet make the keyboard sit rather flat, from all my previous keyboards I was used to having the keyboard at a higher angle, i must say I like it this way much better because your wrists aren't bent upwards as much and it seems easier on your hands in the end

    Aug 15,2018

  • J. Morley
    I really like this keyboard !! I like to do my computing sometimes in very low light, this keyboard is great for someone like me who kinda knows how to type but sometimes need to find a key visually, the backlighted keyboard is not obnoxiously bright and is easy on the eyes, is great for various ambient light settings, the key response is very light and nothing like the original cheap keyboard that you get with a new computer, you will NOT be disappointed if you purchase this keyboard as I find it VERY nice

    Oct 18,2018

  • Jacob Chance
    I had become so used to the flatness of this ultrathin keyboard that using a regular keyboard hurt my wrists, i think this speaks volumes to this ultrathin keyboard being good for the wrists, the third thing I love about this keyboard is how quiet the keys are, it was really irritating to go back to the clunky Dell keyboard after being used to this one, i will say it was a little tough to get used to finding the keys as quickly as I could on my old keyboard

    Sep 27,2018

  • Random Consumer
    Aside from the little rubber things coming off from the bottom there is nothing in the world that I can say wrong about this keyboard, it is by far the best keyboard I have ever purchased, it is not like a normal keyboard where you really have to press but instead a light brush would do the trick, its quiet when you type as well as fast

    Oct 01,2018

  • Rodrigo V. Vejar
    Low profile lighted keyboard, is very light and easy to move around and the keys respond nicely with just enough feedback without being too stiff, i had an alienware keyboard before this one and I have had many others and I just can't say enough about this one, one note is the keys are dug out a little

    Sep 28,2018

  • Кирилл
    Тонкая алюминиевая беспроводная клавиатура Bluetooth для планшета 
    Я выбрал эту клавиатуру потому что она компактна и удобна в использование. Есть микро usb зарядка. Можно подключить к смартфону и планшету. Использую с xiaomi mi max 3. При сопряжение нужно ввести код на самой клавиатуре. Рекомендую как бюджетный вариант!

    Jan 20,2019

  • agamenon marques
    Melhor compra até agora
    O produto é pequeno em comparação a um teclado padrão, o que pode causar um desconforto inicial,em dois dias já me adaptei. A bateria dura por tempo mais que suficiente para mim(não cheguei a usar até descarregar mas chegou a 5 horas aproximadamente). Cumpre o que promete e vou recomendar para meus amigos. Chegou rápido por sinal, 54 dias.

    Dec 20,2019

  • Ms. Thomas
    My private office is next to my daughter's room so when she's going to sleep I need to keep the lights turned off until she's asleep, i can still use my computer in the dark and see all the buttons on the keyboard, hit the power button again and the lights go on high

    Jun 02,2018

    We've had several `` clacky-clacky'' noisy keyboards over the years, they're some of the quietest and affordable keyboards we've found, they also don't require much force to push the keys down -- nice tactile feedback responsive without requiring too much force

    Jun 12,2018