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  • Panos
    head light for multy-uses
    just receive it and looks pretty good, nice fit on the head, don't know how long it will last(as flexibility of the band i am referring) but its nice, three Aaa batteries and ready to go!
    i like it, hope it last!

    Nov 26,2019

    I got these in the hopes of seeing better at night, based on the good reviews, I had high hopes for a dramatic improvement, but in a side by side comparison I could see only a very slight improvement over the standard quality Sylvania bulbs

    Apr 29,2018

  • Casper
    Lampara UltraFire W03
    Es una lampara economica pero de buena calidad, da una gran cantidad de luz y funciona con 3 baterial AAA, es muy ligera y la luz es muy blanca

    Jul 12,2018

  • Kenny Ranch
    Bought this headlamp several month ago, iam still using the same batteries that it came with, other than the strap that goes over the top of your head, I do wish it ran on aaa batteries like all the rest of my gear

    Jan 15,2018

  • Claudia
    Very good surprise
    I was actually surprised how good this head light is. I have only tested it at home but it's very comfortable to wear, the light is pretty strong but it has multiple choices and settings.
    Great value.
    It's not the prettiest of head lights but I would definitely buy it again

    May 19,2017

  • Blue Sky
    There are different settings and adjustable light and adjustable head straps, if you have a large head, my head size is a bit smaller than average and this fits me perfectly on the loosest strap adjustment

    Sep 15,2018

  • Martin Bahník
    UltraFire W03 Headlamp
    + although it has only one LED, the light beam is strong
    + adjustable and waterproof
    + light weight
    + red LEDs too
    nothing, the headlamp for this price is just perfect.

    Jan 28,2017

  • flsunsets
    Absolutely fantastic for the price, possibly not light enough for a hiking/backpacking light, but looks durable and rugged ... the light output is phenomenal, and the blinking red light is a nice touch

    Mar 06,2018

  • bookworm401
    The only complain I will say is that they say batteries were included but not on mines.I don't know if they forget to put them on the little box or it was just that they don `` t really came with batteries

    Jun 16,2017

  • roland alves
    I can't say that they are massively bright improvement over my original bulbs but they do seem a bit brighter and the color is a bit more blue than the older ones - but only a bit ... it's still very yellow

    Jun 17,2018