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In the World of Magicsee, we sowed lots of the wheat seeds quietly, with the effort and hardworking of our designers and engineers, now we can see wheat in the ear over the large area. Endless, Endless Territory! It’s Bumper Harvest of Wheat! We Gain a large amount of Magicsee’s Fans. Hoping and welcome your participation.

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Vélemények pontszáma Átlagos alapon 2 USD értékelés

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  • MAGICSEE vasaló TV doboz MAGICSEE vasaló TV doboz

    Its design breaks with square boxes, and its blue lines light up.
    Works without problems under android 7.1.2. Accept all my applications. Screen definition at the top.
    The remote control is different from the ones we usually know and can control the TV for the 4 most important functions: sound + sound - TV line input, and off / on TV.
    I connected a 500GB hard drive to the USB port and it was not a problem.
    one downside: RAM that is only 1.7 GB instead of 2 GB announced ... But there is enough.

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