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HEWOLF alvó mat
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HEWOLF alvó mat

- Csili paprika 278577602

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kényelmes és lágy használatra190T poliészter és 210D oxford ruhadarabok
hogy könnyen összegyűjtse● Felfújható design párnával, hogy jó pihenést biztosítson
● 1 fő használatra alkalmas
● alkalmas strandra, kempingre, utazásra, stb.
● 5 cm-es vastagságú matrac kényelmesen aludni
Pongee szőnyegtálca nagy rugalmasságú szivacs béléssel



Márka: Hewolf


A termék súlya: 1.4600 kg
A csomag súlya: 1.5000 kg
Termék méret: 188.00 x 65.00 x 5.00 cm / 74.02 x 25.59 x 1.97 inches
Csomag mérete: 65.00 x 15.00 x 15.00 cm / 25.59 x 5.91 x 5.91 inches


A csomag tartalma: 73,50 x 24,50 x 12,00 cm / 28,94 x 9,65 x 4,72 hüvelyk

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  • Molly Kester
    This tent is very large, We had a double inflatable mattress and two twin inflatable mattresses inside it with room to walk around, The biggest pro about this tent is the value, It's rare to find a tent that sleeps this many for the price, Cons : We've only had a smaller pop-up tent before, I do wish the stakes provided were pointy rather than flat at the end, We camped in the high desert and we could NOT get them into the ground because of how rocky it was, Luckily we brought extra stakes that had pointy ends that we used instead, because the bag was so compact, We ended up putting the tent poles into their separate bag and storing them outside the case, but still hard to zip up the bag, good family tent

    Dec 08,2018

  • Zombie Mike
    Ive been in a few tents before but this one trumps them all, I successfully fit a Queen sized inflatable mattress inside with no problem at all, Put together is very easy if you follow the instructions well and have at least two people putting it together, It rained a full night -LRB- stormed even -RRB- and not a single drop of water leaked into the tent due to its protective rainfly, You will be very content with the zip-up door it has which is very convenient and the windows for ventilation, Other campers walk by and comment on how great the tent looks and they drop their jaws when I tel them how much I bought it for, If youre looking for a tent but cant find one

    Nov 28,2018

  • MaineLakeLiving
    I was attracted to the screened-in entry area and am very glad I bought this model as I found I enjoyed that screened area very much - as I sat and viewed the river outside my tent - even though it made the sleeping area smaller, The main area was roomy with just a twin air mattress but a double or queen would fit as well, The T shaped zipper took two hands to operate -LRB- awkward if you were carrying anything into the tent -RRB- and it was impossible to close it tightly at the bottom, sticky side out, I only had a morning of gentle rain to test this for waterproofness, An almost perfect tent, a very reasonable price and I don't regret buying it

    Oct 23,2018

  • bnpruitt
    Coleman was very easy to deal with and shipped a new tent with no problems -LRB- we just had to take a picture of the damaged tent, This tent is great for a warm night and allows for plenty of ventilation -LRB- if, you might just need a really warm sleeping bag, you do need to be careful/aware when zipping/un-zipping the door ; if you're not careful it will grab the material, Even with these few minor gripes ; this is a great tent for the price and I would still recommend it to others who are looking for a large tent of decent quality that is well-priced

    Sep 01,2018

  • Scott Tagwerker
    This tent is awesome !!!! My husband and I needed a larger tent for our growing family and this tent had all of the features we were looking for, but we were pleasantly surprised at how easy and quickly this tent went up, There aren't any of those stupid break apart bendy poles -LRB- except for the hinged door feature -RRB- and it seems incredibly sturdy, The screened entry is also a great feature and really helps prevent bugs from getting into the sleeping area, Plus ... it's a Coleman and you really can't go wrong with a Coleman

    Oct 13,2018

  • carlos t.
    I put a queen size inflatable mattress in it, Taking the tent down was also easy, The carry sack -LRB- as I noticed later -RRB- has a portion you can rip apart to make putting the tent back in easier, I think this is a great tent as long as you're car camping, This tent really is extremely easy to use, It rained a little bit on our first day camping and we didn't have any issues with leaking just a bit humid inside the tent, Make sure to buy the rain fly sold separately

    Nov 27,2018

  • Cassy
    The good stuff first - the main reason we bought this tent was for the space, having sleeping stuff separate from where we are trying to hang out with three kids was a must and this delivers, The learning curve for set up is I think similar to other tents, this held up great through three nights and a day of some very heavy down pores, The wind wasn't fierce so I can't speak to that, this tent went back into the bag in came in easier than I thought

    Nov 02,2018

  • TeeKeeBoom
    there's enough material to wrap you up -LRB- like a delicious human burrito -RRB- to protect from the elements, The material is VERY breathable, This is WONDERFUL on a hot summer day, If you're using this for camping in cooler weather, you'll definitely want to combine it with a sleeping bag to keep warm, It's a really impressive hammock for a really impressive price

    Nov 07,2018

  • Antonio Galati
    My tent arrived a few days ago and was a little difficult to assemble as it was my first tent in quite a few years, The tent assembled tent is very spacious and provides plenty of space for all of gear -LRB- myself included -RRB-, You should definitely use this tent with a pad -LRB- even if you have a sleeping bag -RRB- Overall its a great tent and I would recommend it

    Dec 15,2018

  • Heather A. Hatter
    We recently upgraded to this tent as our beloved northface tent proved to be too small since our kids have gotten quite big over the years, we fit one queen airmattress on one side/wing and three sleeping bags in a row on the other wing-type side and there was plenty of space in the middle for all our bags and such, really happy with the purchase

    Oct 26,2018

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