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  • Mike
    Small tanto
    Very cool design. The shape and length of the blade, in a handle you can grip with all four fingers. The front notches for the index and middle finger are key to the design i think. The green handle gives it an interesting, look, and it has a good texture. Comes ith copper and nylon washers too.
    Only thing i can complain about is the inner liner lock doesn't come exactly to the center. Maybe i can adjust it with some light filing.

    Nov 23,2018

  • InstaGeek
    Though knife did not arrive in its original packaging but rather in a small white box that's obviously not meant for it. Condition is good. A small Tanto, single sided, EDC sized, with a finger choil SRM knife. My 2nd order áfter owning the wine red. Recommended.

    Dec 26,2017

  • Istvan Jozsef
    Sanrenmu GV-604 Foldable Knife From Gearbest.com
    Interesting knife. Small, almost feminine. Worth the price. Ajánlom mindekinek aki szereti a késeket.
    Small blur: the blade is not symmetrical! It's on my picture. It was a pity to spoil the picture.

    Jul 31,2018

  • luislima
    Navalha de dimensões reduzidas, excelente qualidade Sanrenmu, preçoqualidade excelentes. Cabe no bolso das moedas, recomendo.

    Razor of reduced dimensions, excellent quality Sanrenmu, price quality excellent. Fits in the coin pocket, I recommend.

    Oct 30,2018

  • Messerer
    the littel beauty
    One of two great looking China knifes delivered today. I just ordered it for it's tanto-like blade. looks good.
    The knife is deliverde in a simple box. It has a good sharpness out of the box and is manufactered very well.
    No cons

    Jul 31,2018

  • San
    Tiny Portable
    -Amazing value for the knife

    -Really small and portable

    -Very discrete

    -None for now

    Sep 28,2016

  • William Prudhoe
    great useful knife
    easy to fold and unfold
    good grip on handle
    good quality
    strong blade
    hard to sharpen
    blade only one sided

    Oct 26,2016

  • Maxime.V
    Couteau de poche top qualité
    -Excellent rapport qualité prix
    présence d'un clip
    -Lame original et très robuste et de bonne qualité
    -Bonne prise en main
    Aucun Aucun

    Jun 12,2016

  • Игорь Громов
    Малыш sanremu
    Очень маленький и прикольный ножичек! ) Реально теряется в кармане, но в повседневном использовании зело полезен!
    В целом своих денег стоит! Очень понравился. Хотя качеством до Land 910 не дотягивает.
    На фотографиях выглядит качественнее, чем есть на самом деле, механизм не на подшипнике.

    Jun 18,2018

  • алекс
    малый складной нож
    хороший складной нож. несколько маловат, я бы сказал мини. но работает отлично. пришел хорошо заточенным.

    Nov 29,2017