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  • TCknivesforever
    Larger version of the SRM 7098, and it's a homerun.
    pros: Essentially, it's a a real steel / ruike, but with 12C27 steel instead of 14C28N. Same quality and finish. Superb flipper option coming from sanrenmu. It's like the 9103, but with a flipper. It's on ball bearings and you can tell when you first flip it out. Fit and finish is outstanding and great blade centering. Sturdy lockup and not much else to complain about. Great top-end of the budget steels and sharp out of the box. Great sweeping drop point blade with plenty of belly for slicing anything an EDC will encounter. Forgot to mention that it has a flat ground blade from the flats down to the bevel; it's not hollow ground.cons: It's pretty heavy. If you're in a cold or hot environment, you may find holding it uncomfortable due to the stainless steel handles, but that's the same for all stainless steel handles.

    Aug 16,2018

  • Stoffel
    Interesting flipper knife
    Pros:It has good flipping action, very smooth. The pivot type is ball bearing.The handles are all-steel with a dimple finish on one side to improve grip. The handles are milled on the inside to reduce weight. The backspacer is G10 material with lanyard hole. The blade lock is an interesting feature, it prevents the lock bar from being opened. Cons:The edge bevel is very sub-par - uneven, asymmetric and seemingly done by shaky hand.

    Aug 16,2018

  • Victor V.
    Great framelock flipper
    The build quality, materials and fininishes are excellent. It flips every time, and the lockup of the blade is very safe, doubly so with the extra-locking system.Despite being made of solid steel, the knife doesn't feel heavy in hand. With the engraved grilll pattern on one side, the grip provides great traction.I like the size : not too small not too large: ideal for edc. All in all, a great knife, with an elegant design.

    Aug 16,2018

  • Zone
    Nice flipper from Sanrenmu
    It is a nice flipper from Sanrenmu. The knife is bigger and heavier than I expected, but is nice crafted. It is very comfortable in hand and flips easily. The beta lock works fine and secures the blade in open position. The blade is made of 12C27 Sandvik steel and is sharp out of the box. Compared with Land 9102 it is a little bit heavier, but fits better in my hand.

    Sep 19,2018

  • Peter Pan
    Wow! Another great SRM folder!
    The knife arrived and was a big surprise for me! At first I was hesitant to order it because of two factors, one: another flipper, but does it really flips?! YEEEES, it flips perfect!Two: the G-10 backspacer made me a little turned off! But it's actually not that bad at all! I really like the Knife. Great Sanrenmu! Go for more bigger folders and flippers that flips!
    Nothing at the moment.

    Jul 31,2018

  • Sanrenmu 9015
    Sanrenmu 9015
    Понравился. Как и 9104, сделан отлично: подшипнки (клинок вылетает), облегченные плашки, клинок по центру, спейсер из G-10 (наверное, тоже для снижения веса), бета-лок понравился - прочно фиксирует фрейм, нож становится почти фикседом.

    Aug 28,2018

  • Mike
    Excellent couteau de poche. Peut être un peu grand pour un EDC, mais j'en suis vraiment ravi. Ouverture très fluide, bonne prise en main, sécurité pour le frame lock en ^plus. Une excellente réalisation de Sanrenmu à un prix imbattable! Les marques de couteaux US peuvent se rhabiller!

    Nov 12,2018

  • SRM
    Well built knife on bearings. Comfortable enough in hand. Pocket clip works well. Sandvik steel. My only real complaint is the grip. Traction is mediocre at best. The handle feels slick even when your hands are dry. If you like jimping, there’s really none on this knife.

    Nov 16,2018

  • Oleg
    Крепкий и добротный нож.
    Крепкий и добротный нож. Sanrenmu на мой взгляд ножи делает очень хорошо ...Клинок острый из коробки ... Механика радует ...Нож полностью металлический. Советую приобрести ...Большое спасибо ...

    Sep 23,2018

  • Geiger Hans
    Sanrenmu 9015 Folding Knife with Frame Lock
    Top Verarbeitung und qualitativ hochwertig !Unschlagbar für den Preis ... top Messer mit absolut hochwertiger Verarbeitung !Messer für 200,- Euro sind kaum besser verarbeitet wie Sanrenmu Messer !Perfekt weiter so ... !Macht mir sehr viel Spaß das MesserScharf wie Manfred geht aber wie Gerda.Würde ich wieder Kaufen

    Sep 29,2018