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  • Pilanii
    I love my watch
    I really like it and specially the design and the color, it helps me a lot I'm less attached to my phone now i can read the emails the messages and what i love the most is the fact that i could wake up with the vibration thank you so much for this product even if the shipping take to much time but at the end I'm happy

    Jan 24,2021

  • Valentine
    perfect for my needs
    When I get a phone call or text message, I just need to look at the information on my watch so that I don't have to pull out my phone. It's especially important when driving a car or having a meeting. This watch is good for both.

    Mar 25,2020

  • Pandora
    like this smartwatch
    I really like this smartwatch. It can be easily connected to my mobile phone. I like its big screen and it is very comfortable. Sometimes I even forget that I wear it.

    Mar 26,2020

  • Simao
    good functionality
    This watch has a good look and feel. These features are exactly what I want. It has only been used for a few days, so so far it has performed well.

    Apr 21,2020

  • Daniels
    The one for you !!
    If all you want is a smartwatch that has a long battery life and can see your text messages and phone calls, then this watch is unbeatable.

    Mar 27,2020

  • Xavier.li
    Excellent for fitness tracker
    I bought it as a cheap fitness tracker for the gym and found that it not only has a good fitness function, but also has good battery life.

    Mar 25,2020

  • Karla.Joro
    so affordable!
    This watch does it all and is so affordable! The steps are accurate and the quality makes it look like an expensive watch.

    Mar 28,2020

  • Vetrone
    Very worth
    The step counting is great, I am very satisfied with this purchase, especially the price.

    Apr 21,2020

  • Terence
    Powerful and durable, the touch screen is very responsive through menus.

    Mar 22,2020

  • Anton
    great purchase
    Good deal. So far, it track my footsteps and maintaining my heart rate.

    Apr 22,2020