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  • Julio Alfonso
    Very helpful to have this light on hand
    Great, it has three settings, and it's easy to use. The lights in our apartment are off for several days at a time, and it may be dangerous to go out in case of emergency. I like that the lamp can be turned to the lower position to highlight the direction when walking.

    Aug 13,2020

  • Alvydas Razvadauskas
    Perfect hands-free light!
    We live in the country and I don't get home until dark every day. This little lamp allows me to do all the housework on hands-free! It is light enough and bright enough to accomplish any task I encounter. Adjustable elastic headband, easy to adjust

    Aug 13,2020

  • Mikey Goodmen
    first headlamp
    We bought the first headlamp and liked it so much that we decided to buy the second lamp. It is a hands-free table lamp for running, barbecue and any other outdoor activities.

    Aug 18,2020

  • Gabe
    Fine little headlight
    Almost as good as a Nitecore NU25, but lighter. Red light and CRI even better. Switches are a bit hard to press. Packaging 'one-time' throwaway (surprisingly below par from Nitecore).

    Dec 16,2020

  • Dan Ioan
    Great headlamp
    It is small and light, Built-in 580mAh Li-ion battery,and the battery life is amazing at low settings.

    Aug 16,2020

  • Reid Mulkey
    A great budget
    3 brightness levels, 3 light sources and 2 special modes available,A great lightweight headlight for many activities.

    Aug 12,2020

  • Silva
    good value
    The headband is comfortable and is easily adjusted. The battery life seems great,

    Aug 14,2020

    Best Light Output
    This HeadLight does everything it says and more.Highly Recommended

    Aug 15,2020

  • Karolis Motiejus
    BRIGHT! Also, comfortable and convenient.

    Aug 20,2020