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  • Ansley
    After I first installed everything and programmed the computer with my front wheel information I went for a ride and nothing related to the wireless information worked, Nothing from the wireless component -LRB- and magnet -RRB- mounted on my front wheel fork and the spoke, Turned out I had to move the wireless component on the front wheel fork a fraction of an inch closer to the spokes where the magnet was installed

    Oct 29,2016

  • Chaitanya J Jeerage
    I always become frustrated with not being able to see my computers screen, so USB-rechargeable was another quality that we sought, but even this did not really matter because the computer was never able to register the sensor nor did it allow me to input or edit any information during setup

    Jun 25,2017

  • unixcorn
    we all agree the price is great for the set of parameters, it should be able to read on the full length of the sensor, with fat fork arms, of a similar design, so the magnet and sensor were not bashing into each other, but all of them are missing for the actual mounting directions ; really

    Feb 08,2018

  • Mom in SoCal
    the device works fine once you set up the position of the magnet and the sensor, It is great that it is wireless -LRB- so there are no dangling wires -RRB- and the display can be removed/slid off its console so that it can avoid the harsher elements, The display is clear and easy to read

    Nov 06,2016

  • blo0m
    This electronic speedometer is even more versatile because it is wireless and is the perfect compliment to any road or mountain bike if only to know what your speed is or to know what the distance of your favorite route is down to the tenths of kilometers or miles

    Apr 01,2017

  • Marisela
    it seems to be a good product, It's nice to see the speed and distance together at the same time, The setup instructions were easy to follow and the cyclometer was easy to attach to the bike, And the price was very reasonable, I'm quite pleased with the product

    Oct 19,2016

  • Alpinist
    Physically installing the device is straightforward, configuring the thing is a lot easier once you have a basic familiarity with the process rather than bouncing back and forth between the little screen and the manual as you go

    Apr 21,2018

  • Ajax
    Timer runs on for a good while even when bike is stationary so not really usable for tracking distance over time, Have had other speedometers in the past that were a lot more accurate for round about the same price or a little more

    Oct 07,2017

  • Mychal Wipf
    I bought this wired computer to replace a wireless computer on a motorized bike, The gas motor's electrical interference inhibited the speed data on the wireless computer, It's easy to read and has a number of nice features

    Jul 28,2016

  • Al M.
    testing this one
    this is the second try of this item.. the first one was defective thus i was doubtful about buying another one.
    for now it's solid and strong.
    it does its job
    this support doesn't have locknut so it could happen that the bolt could be lost on excessive stress.. just tight it sometimes to avoid surprises

    May 26,2017