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  • HardwareSense
    Great Ergonomic Gaming Mouse
    The MotoSpeed V80 is probably one of the most comfortable gaming mouses that I have tried in a long time, MotoSpeed have definitely taken an inspiration from Mionix and there signature gaming series. I think the overall build is great and the buttons are very responsive, the cable is good and about 5.5ft long, also the RGB lights are not too intrusive and annoying.
    I will continue to test the V80 in game and report back how is it compared to the Mionix and some of the other gaming mouses I have, for now I have to say with those ergonomics and the price of $20 the V80 is great!

    Direct link at GearBest:


    Nov 12,2018

  • Killzamma
    Produto incrível, recomendo totalmente.
    Produto excelente, chegou em aproximadamente 25 dias, cumpriu todas as minhas expectativas, as cores dos LEDs são lindas, eu adorei a pegada dele, é o primeiro mouse que minha mão encaixa perfeitamente, a ergonômia é simplesmente incrível,o fio apesar de ser revestido com um tecido protetor é bem maleável, os botões principais são ótimos, respondem muito bem aos cliques, o botão sniper é um pouco abaixo da qualidade, mas cumpre oque é proposto, já os botões extras pra avançar/retroceder são bem decepcionantes, mas já era esperado porque são muito pouco utilizados, no geral, o mouse é maravilhoso em vista do preço, levando em conta que me custou R$:96,00 com o frete e garantia de envio, muito mais barato que produtos nacionais de mesma qualidade.

    Jul 04,2019

  • Ozaminhas
    Excelente Mouse
    Mouse Incrível, diversas funções, customização de cores, ótima pegada. Fiz uns testes e foi muito bem em todos.

    Não fui taxado na alfândega e nem paguei os 15 reais dessa nova taxa deles, chegou em 22 dias

    Fiz um video do Unboxing mostrando melhor sobre o produto, o programa e os macros.


    Incredible Mouse, several functions, color customization, great footprint. I did some tests and it went very well at all.

    I was not taxed at customs and I did not even pay the $ 15 for this new fee, it arrived in 22 days

    I made a video of Unboxing showing better about the product, the program and the macros.

    Nov 16,2018

  • Hung Q. Nguyen
    The programmable buttons are very nicely placed, easy to push and the software used to set it up is easy to use, perfect for having multiple set ups for different games, this mouse has removable weights in it, i love having them in and using this quite heavy mouse, it over all has a very sturdy feel and the cable is very sturdy and does not feel like it will easily wear out, recommend to all gamers looking for a good mouse

    Oct 15,2018

  • Steve Pappas
    Good to see these mice going for not too much these days because this mouse is all you could ever really ask for in a great mouse and is extremely tunable through the Logitech gaming software you can get through their website, i highly recommend this mouse above all others for its superior build quality and plethora of features

    Sep 12,2018

  • José Roberto Henrique da Silva
    I loved the mouse. Lightweight has no weight option. Various color and dpi options, option to set the button to specific in game. reinforced cable. price compared here in Brazil very good even paying the freight. It arrived super fast, well packed and no damage during shipping.

    Sep 18,2019

  • Haed
    Being in the process of building my own computer I decided I wanted something a little more high end, precise and with the added weights, the mouse is slightly larger than most conventional mouses, even with my small hands I have no difficulty reaching any of the buttons

    Oct 10,2018

  • My Old KY Home
    Great mouse overall, the scroll wheel has two settings neither of which I like ; it either clicks while it scrolls with very VERY pronounced clicks, the smooth scroll option has zero resistance which makes it nearly impossible to use to scroll in fine increments

    Oct 09,2018

  • andy
    this mouse is obsolute masterpiece. built quality is superb, no squeeking, no louod klick sound, software works superb. its very nice to touch, perfect gameplay, gold plated usb conector.its mazing.

    Aug 01,2019

  • Camille R.M. Lau
    I have to say it completely destroys any other mouse I have used, the feature to price ratio for this mouse is simply astonishing, i highly recommend this mouse to you if you're looking for a great price and a load of extras

    Sep 22,2018