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    Anker chargers are great - we use them for central charging stations both at home and at the office, it's nice to have all the adapters there ready to go for any style charger you need, I have a charging station set up with connectors for every popular style in use today so if people need a boost they can drop their phone to charge for a bit and know it'll be a quick charge

    Aug 22,2018

  • Dallas Cowboys for Life!
    This is a high quality battery pack, also a high quality product, A big plus is the support for the fast charge feature on my Samsung phone, and functionality I find the battery pack and charger to be outstanding, I have found Anker products to be a great value and Anker's commitment to quality is very much appreciated

    Sep 20,2018

  • Stephanie from Ohio
    I used it on a multitude of devices to test if the device could at least see it as a quick charger, said Fast Charging, said Fast Charging, The other two ports have Anker's Power IQ technology and they work to charge things very fast, The build quality is very nice with a matte aluminum finish

    Feb 20,2018

  • Chris Miller
    I know that most people would invest in a smaller battery for their mobile devices, so I have immense loyalty to Anker products and I'm willing to spend more for quality, This external battery will hold power for almost two weeks and works with the quick charge cords I have

    May 08,2018

  • Eric J. Swenson
    I have had this charger for over one month now and can honestly say that I can charge several different electronics at the same time and they all charge rather quickly and this will not heat up, I am very happy with this purchase and just think it money well spent

    Aug 09,2018

  • K. Everage
    This is a true `` mans'' charger -LRB- sorry ladies, Quick-Charge works reliably and consistently in supported devices ; even for non-supported devices

    Feb 19,2018

  • Anthony & Elissa
    I wanted something that had enough power to charge my iPad Pro and wouldn't need a recharge for my trip and that is exactly what I got

    Apr 28,2018

  • gelemen0
    UPDATE : Anker's customer service is wonderful !! One of the ports stopped working and they took care if it right away

    May 31,2018

  • Achilleas T.
    tablet neatly charging without needing multuple outlets or a powerstrip, Great product at a reasonable price

    Mar 20,2018

  • Jan Bob
    I picked the biggest battery size because I was quite lazy to charge a power bank multiple times in a week

    Jan 03,2018