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  • Sjersey123
    I purchased this solar panel to have while out camping and also as an emergency power source, reduced but still somewhat usable however no panel would have worked well in that situation even my very large panels, on a nice bright sunny day I found that the voltage output of the panel was very strong even under a good load and exceeded the rated output of the device, unless the sun is not hitting the panel at all this charger works great even inside through a window, I have recommended this product to many people personally and I highly recommend this product if you are in the market for a solar USB charger

    Sep 02,2018

  • Eric Nitzschke
    Unit worked as stated but was not as fast charging as stated

    Aug 28,2018

    This is a fantastic way to keep his gadgets charged

    Feb 16,2018

  • T B.
    Quick efficient and good quality

    Feb 24,2018

  • StewPott
    Great purchase and I love using it

    Sep 13,2018

  • L. Donivan
    Works great even when overcast

    Sep 17,2018

  • Giovanni G.
    It appears to be a fine product

    Jul 21,2018

  • Sofia M
    Great product works awesome

    Jun 06,2018

  • Mary L. Coughlin
    This is the real deal

    Feb 27,2018

  • Dmcdade
    It is a great product

    Jan 20,2018