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  • Crystal Thomas
    the sandals will sometimes get crooked and I will be walking with my heel on the edge of the sandal instead of the center, I think as long as I remember not to walk on them with my foot crooked for a couple more weeks, The size is good, but I ordered slightly on the large side due to other reviewer's comments

    Jul 22,2018

  • Mrs. C.
    This sandal is good, and has some arch support, I have sensitive feet and have had some episodes with plantar fasciitis, I've had to wear sneakers for years to get the arch support I needed, Slippers just don't have arch support, but firm enough to give real support

    Jul 08,2018

  • SweetPea
    Great pair of sandals, I was browsing around for some quality sandals that I could wear around the house and look sporty with socks, The quality of the shoe is pretty good as well, as I've had the shoe for close to a year and there wear is barely noticeable

    Oct 29,2018

  • S. Lockhart
    In terms of comfort these are the most comfortable pair of sandals that I have ever owned, In the end I would recommend these sandals for those looking for a nice sandal with a highly comfortable fit

    Sep 25,2018

    I have Plantar fasciitis and all the pain that comes with that, These Flip Flops are very comfortable and remove the heal pressure that causes so much pain

    Aug 20,2018

  • Phoebe
    to my surprise these flip flops floated on the waters surface with ease, I use them for my everyday shoes and as my shower shoes at the local swimming pool

    Sep 20,2018

  • Linda Mc
    I chose to wear these instead of the medical shoe, They were perfect because I could adjust them as my foot swelled and then went back to normal

    Jul 06,2018

  • DigitalNomad
    These sandals are the most comfortable sandal to wear, They have so much cushion and support, I just bought my third pair in different colors

    Oct 15,2018

  • Mama3x
    Very comfortable foot bed and great looking too, These have an amazing foot bed and adjustable Velcro top that customizes to each person

    Oct 30,2018

  • Books and Brownies
    They finally gave out and I just purchased a new pair, Definitely worth paying a little more than you normally would for a casual sandal

    Sep 11,2018