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  • Luminous
    Excellent Tape
    I stumbled upon these while looking for nothing in particular and got a nice deco-idea. My hallway is painted in light green and quite spacious - I will apply the tape around the doors so they get a glowing green verge in the evenings and at night.A test showed that the tape glows for quite a long time after irradiation.I'm very happy with it and would recommend.
    No cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons, no cons.

    Jun 16,2018

  • Martin
    Indicators for activities at night
    Our association often organizes activities at night because as university students, we have to study at daytime. Well, not everyone knows what is going on. So, we attach some stickers on the roads, the trees. Hopefully, some of them will be taken to the site and create fun with us.Those who have a talent to draw use it to create patterns that suit the theme of the activity. It is quite helpful.
    Wonderful solution, low cost.

    Feb 10,2018

  • Andrea Goffi
    Very nice
    This tape works well. It stays bright for several hours, even after being exposed to a normally strong light. It sticks well to the wall as well, better than plastic stars or planets for example, because of it's little weight. Very funny and enjoyable if you want to create light effects in the dark on walls and ceilings. I haven't tried it on my stairs, because it doesn't seem to be anti-slip.

    Dec 02,2018

  • Henry
    Beyond my imagination
    The ideas on the website are so cool. I've applied them in my bedroom. Now, every time I enter my room in the dark, I am no longer afraid of the darkness, but expect the splendid glowing effect of the tape. Will recommend to more friends.
    No. It is really really really an awesome tool for decorating a geek's bedroom.

    Feb 01,2018

  • Sophia
    Shower in the Milky Way
    I cut out stars from the self-adhesive sticker and attache them to the wall in my bathroom.In every evening, I enjoy taking a shower in the dark now, 'cause there are so many stars for me to observe.It is waterproof and never fall off from the wall. So great!
    ❥ None at all. Love it!

    Feb 01,2018

  • Barbara
    It glows in the dark
    It glows in the dark and looks awesome. But the camera of my phone performs not so good, so I was not able to capture how it looks like in the reality. I've used it to decorate my bike. It is more economical than the bicycle light bar. Just for fun though.
    Everything considered, it is a good choice.

    Feb 24,2018

  • Christina
    Less afraid of the darkness
    My son was scared about the darkness at night. He used to climb into my bed and clung to my hands tightly. But, it would be better for a ten-year-old boy to be independent from parents.Last week, we decorated his bedroom by using the wall sticker luminous tape. He enjoys the new look of his bedroom in the evening, now. ;)
    Everything is fine.

    Mar 05,2018

  • Fiona
    Let's start DIY
    "Let's start DIY!" exclaimed my daughter. It is cool to have the stickers everywhere in our house.She is looking forward to every evening now and less afraid of the dark. Maybe it is the beautiful luminous effect that attracts her.She likes the movie "The Little Prince" and fancies that she is the little girl.

    Feb 09,2018

  • Kris
    Novel toy for kids
    My kids like drawing and they draw here and there. Some drawings are nice, but some I really wanna hide. So, yesterday, we played the game and stick this wall stickers creatively in our house. They've got luminous patterns.I am gonna buy more. It seemed that they really enjoy playing with the sticker.
    No problems so far.Hope they will not use it to cover everywhere.

    Jan 10,2018

  • James
    Romantic Decoration
    When I was racking my brain, I found this product online. It is great. I've used it to draw a rose in my bedroom and shew it to my wife on Valentine's Day. Apart from the bouquet of roses, she said she liked this one more.The sticker is easy to use. I am planning to decorate my daughter's room with it.
    None. It is an amazingly versatile tool.

    Feb 15,2018