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  • GR
    the watch is great...
    ...but the android app is not so great. the time calibration was a little odd. the hands of the clock, were like 20 min behind the actual time, so I had to, choose calibration, write current time then the pointers moved by one minute, and then do that again, and again until the time was correct. since then, it is working fine. The notifications from smartphone only works for SMS, calls, facebook and whatsapp. the other supported apps were I think some kind of Chinese communicators. The app only supports English and Chinese, and it does display some in-app+ ads. I can't get the weather working, and the blood pressure feature is not working. The watch is charged via USB, with a magnetic connector. It't charging pretty quick, like 0-100% within an hour. It's been 3+ days since charging and the battery is at 85%, so it's ~5% for one day. At this rate the watch will last for about 20 days. The watch just did get a software update with power saving modes, so you can use it without pairing with phone so it will extend battery life, but you will loose the notifications feature. The watch itself is great. The quality is good and I think it's looking great.

    Dec 01,2018

  • Roberto Guilhon
    Fabuloso definitivamente! Fabullous
    De todos meus smartwatches esse é o meu preferido, notifica em chamadas, sms, twitter, alarmes.O preto é muito discreto, achei lindo o de couro, porém pelo mostrador ser da cor branca evidenciava a tarja preta das notificações, o que me fez escolher o relógio preto!Prós: Estilo, design, autonomia da bateria, preço, ótima para acompanhar sono e atividades físicas.contras: Impossibilidade de ler mensagens de twitter, sms por inteiro, falta de compatibilidade de muitos outros aplicativos.Of all my smartwatches this is my favorite, notifies in calls, sms, twitter, alarms.The black is very discreet, I found the leather beautiful, but the dial was white showed the black stripe of the notifications, which made me choose the black watch!Pros: Style, design, battery life, price, great to accompany sleep and physical activities.cons: Impossibility to read twitter messages, full sms, lack of compatibility of many other applications

    Oct 19,2018

  • Alf
    Lenovo Watch x Plus
    È arrivato!!! Colore Silver. Molto bello esteticamente. Materiale notevole. Sensazione al polso gradevole grazie anche al cinturino a maglia regolabile con magnete. Batteria come previsto eccezionale, non mi preoccupo più della ricarica. App Lenovo semplice ed intuitiva. Notifiche ok. Poche , quelle importanti ed essenziali. Manca solo Instagram, ma sembra che ci sia un modo per aggiungerla che devo ancora capire. Uniche rilevazioni. In tutte le foto si vedono i caratteri della lunetta delle notifiche bianchi e nitidi, invece almeno su questo orologio che mi è arrivato sono azzurri su nero e quindi meno precisi in lettura. Chi lo ha comprato mi può confermare questa cosa e se si può cambiare colore dei caratteri. La vibrazione delle notifiche è buona ma se più forte sarebbe stato meglio. In conclusione, per me, un buonissimo acquisto che fa quello che cercavo: un bel orologio classico con notifiche e funzioni varie. Al momento l' app Lenovo è solo in lingua inglese.

    Sep 09,2018

  • Tóth Endre Attila
    Beautiful watch, limited functions
    The watch arrived today. Packaging was intact. The battery was flat so i had to charge it first. It took an hour to be fully charged. After reading reviews on the internet it was easy to set the watch. it immediately got the latest firmware update and after that the blood pressure function is available too. It is a beautiful watch looks premium but the android app is very poor. You do not get Viber or Messenger notifications, and weather info is not available in Europe. Sometimes you have to repair the watch with your phone. Untill these bugs are fixed the watch cannot get more than 4 stars from me. Gearbest on the other hand gets 5 stars for their service.

    Nov 29,2018

  • darklordvader77
    Good quality, accurate Smartwatch
    Pros: -Beatiful, Very good quality (stainless steel), durable glass, accurate heartrate and sleep readings, perfect battery (lasts 1 month), strong magnetic bracelet, can use as a regular Watch, very good price for the buck.Cons:-Screen is blue and not white as in pictures, so no good under sunlight, a little difficult to set up at first with the App, only chinese and english language, no weather information except china mainland, notifications only in english or chinese supported.Very satisfied generally with the product, using it as a daily driver since day. If you want a regular beatiful watch with smart features i think it's the best choice right now.

    Oct 20,2018

  • Fabrizio
    Orologio ibrido molto interessante
    Un prodotto davvero interessante con un ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo. Innanzi tutto si tratta principalmente di un orologio, non pensiamo al classico smartwatch che dopo 2/3 gg va ricaricato, Ricevuto il 21 settembre ad oggi 8 ottobre ha ancora il 24% di carica, e l'ho al polso 24h e sempre collegato via BT. Inoltre il vetro di copertura è in Zaffiro antigraffio e il bracciale è in maglia milanese con aggancio magnetico davvero ottimo, semplice da regolare e con una tenuta perfetta. Il prodotto è molto leggero e al polso non pesa più di un comune orologio. Le dimensioni sono ideali anche per portarlo con camicie quindi non ingombra e non da fastidio e le rifiniture sono comunque eleganti, anche se non parliamo di orologeria di alta gamma. Ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo

    Oct 08,2018

  • Scot R.
    This is the best fitness tracker on the market, you get the most reliable continuous heart rate monitoring and the most accurate sleep tracking and the best stats gathering on runs/workouts, and it's packed in a sleek device with long battery life that's also waterproof, but don't expect anything more from a smartwatch perspective because this is not a smartwatch ; it's merely a fitness tracker with a nice screen, if you're buying this to be primarily a fitness tracker then you will love it because Fitbit is the best in the market when it comes to this business

    Nov 01,2018

  • Feubryce
    Very Good product but Lenovo need to upgrade software
    Good product.The +- Quality- Price- The bracelet- Hybrid side: I like it- Battery + 2d (not smartwatch)The -- the incompatibkle weather outside Asia zone- the perfectible Android application: Ex: impossible to recover running sessions- Can not have the altitude without launching the hiking mode.- the battery stays only 2 weeks max in normal use (not 45 days)- The notification management is not good: too much time: no time to see that it has already disappeared.+ impossible to read later- The weight of the watch it is solid certe but heavy.In short, especially application defect remains to be hoped that Lenovo corrects.Otherwise I recommend

    Apr 18,2019

  • pietro
    good watch
    delivery on time, the quality of the materials used are good.Functions OK , but it would be good to have the possibility to update Health app data on IOS device. As well would be great to have the possibility to connect the device to runtastic app.I got one problem, if during the night or during the day you don't wear the Watch after some hours pointer stop to move and you have to calibrate again. Not good because you must have your smartphone always with you. Blood pressure and heart rate at the moment runs well, I have check with medical device the value.

    Dec 10,2018

  • vagster
    Elegant smartwatch
    First of all it's design is so elegant that it's doesn't seem like a smartwatch. It's like a simple quartz watch with the extra features. It's supports English language but it doesn't give you weather information if you are living outside of China. It's app is simple and you can see all the measurements you had with your watch. It has a very nice magnetic bracelet and it's battery lasts long. I totally recommend it especially in the price I got it because of the black Friday (53 euros)

    Dec 17,2018