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  • Faye B. Hatcher
    This fitness tracker is definitely a cute, i've had it for a week and I'm likely going to return for something of higher quality, the touch screen kinda works when it wants to - the entire screen is not touch activated only a small area, maybe half battery, the app also allows you to sync an alarm with the wristband a jolting vibration on your wrist that is terrifying enough to wake you up in the morning and was amusingly documented on the Heart rate monitor and a sedentary reminder also a vibration, it's a cute `` smart'' watch that vibrates if you have an incoming call or a message you can allow it to remind you of texts

    Mar 24,2018

  • RodRami
    I got my Fitness tracker smart bracelet, its band is soft and comfortable, apart from the multi functions it has like heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor it also analysis the quality of sleep which is an added advantage to take proactive steps to improve on ones sleep, I am thoroughly contend about it and is surely a good to have product for oneself

    Apr 04,2018

  • Miro Z.
    This is a really cool fitness tracker, I was originally thinking about buying a new watch when I stumbled across this, I love the fact that it has the watch element that I wanted plus all the lovely features that it has, it also monitors heart rate which is great and really interesting to be

    May 30,2018

  • L. C.
    The app that it comes with is very comprehensive, if you're looking for one with GPS and a heart rate monitor this is not for you but if you're just trying to track your steps your run activity and your sleep then this is great

    Apr 11,2018

  • Jerry M. Carver
    The thing I really like about this watch is the larger display, overall I really like this tracker better ... BUT, that aside I really like this tracker and the heart rate monitor is really nice when I am in the gym

    Aug 30,2018

  • chaser193
    I initially just wanted a tracker with a heart rate monitor but I really like the extra features, the sleep tracking feature made me realize how much sleep I lack, it displays deep sleep

    May 07,2018

  • Haowen Liu
    The battery power on the watch is great, the step count seems fairly accurate and the heart rate monitor seems fairly accurate as well, but so far I am extremely happy with this purchase

    Nov 20,2018

  • Vitor Sousa
    Lenovo HW02 Plus
    Produto de excelente qualidade e fiabilidade. Recomendo vivamente a aquisição deste equipamento. Se pretendem algo acessível e capaz.

    Jun 21,2018

  • Jewels
    It looks like a traditional watch, the heart rate monitor works fantastic for every exercise I've tried except indoor rowing for some reason

    Sep 25,2018

  • Sharon L. Perry
    Decided I wanted a cheaper watch, my only concern is I'm not confident that the heart rate monitor is accurate

    Dec 05,2018