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  • caner....
    My only complain is that in the instructions it is not very clear in which side do the stickers go and had to stick them and then unpeal them because I did it on the wrong side, Hopefully it will protect my phone's screen and it's a big plus that there are two inside the package, Great price

    May 30,2018

  • Pamela M.
    I love that this protector is essentially a `` second screen, unlike many plastic film protectors that can develop bubbles over time, this product DOES NOT cover the screen completely unless you get it completely perfect

    Jul 07,2018

  • Fanny C.
    High quality tempered glass that is visually sharp and absolutely crystal clear, I was able to easily apply one of these to my screen without having to remove my phone case -LRB- Otter Box commuter series -RRB-

    Jan 08,2018

  • Cecilia M.
    The glass has very smooth surface and it doesn't smudge like other tempered glass screen protectors I have used, Customer service is very good as well, I am very happy with this screen protector

    Feb 12,2018

  • Alan Sweet
    I thought I'd try it because the price for two was low, No bubbles and it is adhered well around all the edges, I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a good protector

    Jan 08,2018

  • Christa Turner
    This screen protector is easy to put on and last all the bump, The protection is so good that even if the proctector shatters it does no game to the phones glass at all

    Jul 14,2018

  • Debbie Murphy
    Didn't even realize I was ordering a tempered glass screen protector because it was so reasonably priced - thought I was getting the plasticky one

    Jan 04,2018

  • Dale Morin
    I'm really happy with this protector, I thought they must be terrible because of the price, I wasn't sure the edges would go down all the way

    Aug 01,2018

  • Debra Taylor
    instructions which I could read without a magnifying glass, cat hair -RRB- on the screen : - after that applying the protector was so easy

    Aug 11,2018

  • Leslie Sahlen
    inspected the phone and the screen protector had a few cracks but the phone screen was solid without even a scratch

    Oct 01,2018