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  • VirginiaFamily
    Igen (0) Szín: RGB Méret: Waterproof
    I did use the included adhesive strip to secure the LED strip to the table top which worked well, there was plenty of cable left over to find a place for the controller and USB power cable, not necessarily by the length of the cable connecting the controller to the actual LED strip, the actual LEDs are bright but not obnoxious and the color reproduction is accurate with the exception of the white which is naturally going to be off since this is not an RGB-W LED strip, this is a very good product

    Aug 08,2018

  • António
    Igen (1) Szín: RGB Méret: Non Waterproof
    Espectacular business
    - Cheap for the acccesssories - Very easy to assemble - Good quality of the materials - Great packaging - Easy to setup the wifi with the controller - Great app to control the strip
    - No cons of any kind at all

    Mar 14,2018

  • Norbert Varga
    Igen (0) Szín: RGB Méret: Non Waterproof
    KWB WiFi Controller 5050 LED Strip
    Perfect product. Very good quality, the LED strip, controller and power adapter is working perfect. I am really satisfied with this product.

    May 18,2018

  • SeanT
    Igen (0) Szín: RGB Méret: Waterproof
    Unit worked upon plugging in and app was easy enough to download and pair with light string, bright with vibrant colors and fast response to changes, the only downside to these are the lack of additional options for display in the app

    Jul 29,2018

  • Helene Harris
    Igen (9) Szín: RGB Méret: Waterproof
    Apparently it was not strong enough so the lights stayed on the white color and would not work with the app, I can turn the lights on or off from two rooms away with the blue-tooth connection on my phone app that comes with this light set

    Oct 14,2018

  • tarig zaki
    Igen (8) Szín: RGB Méret: Waterproof
    I always thought flashy LEDs and lights were a little excessive and even distracting for computer use I used them with my desktop setup rather than a TV, after doing a little bit of research

    Jul 30,2018

  • Tony 007
    Igen (0) Szín: RGB Méret: Waterproof
    I got tired of having the original light strip change color to BRIGHT WHITE every single time we changed the channel or increased volume, etc. without the light strip changing

    Feb 13,2018

  • samantha gambrell
    Igen (7) Szín: RGB Méret: Waterproof
    The product adds great color to the back of my TV and I was pleased with the product when it stayed on the TV, I recommend you buy double sided mounting tape that was my fix

    May 08,2018

  • J. Nevelus
    Igen (0) Szín: RGB Méret: Waterproof
    The LED strip has a very nice quality feel to the coating, I purchased this with the assumption that the strip was capable of displaying a continuous rainbow effect

    Oct 13,2018

  • Chris Babbitt
    Igen (0) Szín: RGB Méret: Waterproof
    I wish it had an option to rotate while it changes colors besides the music settings which are a bit jittery, it looks the best in `` dating'' settings and in solid colors

    Jul 19,2018