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  • Julie A. Barnett
    I bought this chain cleaning tool because I've always had a hard time keeping my chain clean -LRB- I live in a doll-sized apartment in NYC and my road bike literally hangs next to/above my kitchen table ... which is all the more reason I should keep it clean ... -RRB- - the smell and mess of degreasers and using an old toothbrush was time consuming and a pain and would make my tiny apartment smell horrible for hours, The first time took a few rounds of cleaning but my chain ended up cleaner than I'd ever been able to make it before -LRB- I'd touch it and my fingers wouldn't turn black -RRB-

    Oct 03,2018

  • Arturo
    Neat little kit
    One of the few things I've ever ordered that is actually larger in person compared to the advertised photo. I contains everything they show in the picture in a fairly sturdy and secure package. I have not yet had the need to use it but I am happy I can fix my bike tires any time I need to now. Overall, the contents are of higher quality than I expected.

    Dec 23,2018

  • Carlos
    Ótimo kit
    Kit de reparo completo, vem com vários reparos para diversos furos, ele irá fazer você ter economias na hora quando furar o pneu da bike, pois, um reparo por ai custa em torno de 5 reais, como o kit repara 8 furos por apenas 7 reais isso dará uma grande economia para seu bolso, além de você poder levar no seu kit de emergência quando for pedalar

    Nov 15,2018

  • Timmeh
    It's the right tool for the job, Most of the hex bolts on the bike are one of these three sizes, It doesn't have enough leverage to loosen pedals but they get real tight and there's a special hex wrench with long handle for that purpose

    Sep 17,2018

  • Baldy
    Great kit
    Great kit small and simple. I have not use it yet but my friend did used it and still no issue with it.
    can't go wrong with the price. and like the small tin to keep every thing there.

    Sep 15,2019

  • J. Leras
    Excellent chain cleaning tool system, Previously I've been using chain cleaner and a toothbrush to get everything clean, It's makes it so easy that it's not a big deal to clean your chain right before a big ride

    Aug 14,2018

  • Radus
    A good quality repair kit that loves to make it a perfect choice. It can be patched with it and it can last long. Recommended purchase at a good price.

    Apr 12,2019

  • georgios sofos
    perfect item
    perfect item .Arrived to Greece until 15 days with China Post Unregistered,Thank you very much Gearbest

    Oct 03,2018

  • Elilton Bastos
    produto bom
    comprei com vários produtos mas chegou rápido a gearbest está de parabéns, quanto ao produto muito bom até não usei nem quero usar nem tão cedo, mas pro precaução é sempre bom andar com um kit desse na bike.

    Aug 09,2019

  • VicSlick
    Provides much more leverage than T-handle tools and easier to use and stronger than the folding tools with many sizes, This is the strongest hex tool that I've found

    Aug 07,2018