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  • fezzik
    surely I will end up with at least the expected six functioning lights, so the light are varied but just as sparkling in the blue jars as in the clear, I hope to order more for our garden and walk ways -LRB- jars are cheap at Garage sales

    Oct 14,2018

  • Harry Keaton
    I am very pleased with my new Vintage Lantern, The fact that it gives off a gentle glow, gives it a realtic look and it also has an added bonus of having a built in timer, it makes a beautiful accent piece

    Oct 16,2018

  • deci3238
    I have purchased so many solar lights, I have no idea if these lights will last more than a year, so if they last a year I'll find them to be of typical quality, I've received so many compliments on them

    Sep 14,2018

  • c.h.
    Great lantern, I bought it to make a photo lantern and was easily able to unscrew the based and remove the glass panes which then allowed me to stick the photos in

    Sep 28,2018

  • Joseph C
    I love the warm color of the LEDs, I use clear glass stones in the bottom of the jar for extra sparkle and give some weight to the jar so it's harder for it to blow over

    Sep 09,2018

  • Two little Foos
    These Fairy Lights are awesome, They look amazing at night and I have received several compliments about them, I am pleased overall with this purchase

    Sep 30,2018

  • Mat3004
    You need to remove the tabs that are in between the rechargeable batteries provided, They need to get sunlight to be able to recharge the batteries

    Sep 18,2018

  • Indaskys
    A piece of heavy duty velcro on the bottom and they have some of the coolest lights in their respective resting spots, My paps got different lights

    Sep 14,2018

  • Abiding Dude
    These are great !! A beautiful addition to my garden-I have them lighting the path, I used different sized/colored jars and they look pretty cool

    Sep 23,2018

  • G. Head
    They made our yard looks incredibly magical and so many actual fireflies came out to play or complete with them ; -RRB-

    Sep 22,2018