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  • barginmom
    Igen (0) Szín: Dodger Blue
    For comfortable camping with a little personal space and room for gear and air mattresses, We bought this large tent for our family of three, We bought a tarp to use as a ground cloth and we bought sturdier tent stakes to go with, The door is my favorite thing about this tent ; being able to swing the door open and shut easily like a `` real'' door is awesome, We had one day on our trip where it rained solidly all day ; the tent stayed dry inside, the tent did not get wet, I would like more pockets on the walls to put small items like your cell phone and wallet and headlamp as you sleep, We found the ventilation in this tent to be adequate ; the rainfly does not fit tight over the mesh top of the tent, and play family board games in the tent -LRB- while it rained outside -RRB-, For the deeply discounted price, it didn't take up as much space in the car as you would think ; in fact, and the tent's ground cloth -LRB- a tarp -RRB- in that larger bag, The tent was a big of a project to get back into it's original storage bag

    Jul 27,2018

  • Leroux
    Igen (0) Szín: Dodger Blue
    This is a nice family tent for car camping, I haven't tested it in extreme weather yet, but the design lends itself to easily being able to make it waterproof if it's not already, by using an extra tarp, For a cheap tent the quality seems pretty good, multiple nights with the potential for bad weather we use a pop up camper, the kids love the open screen top which allow falling asleep under the stars without the bug bites, I was able to get it back into the bag, Good for the price, but would not make a good cold weather tent, In bad weather an additional tarp and line would need to be used to keep the screen room water proof as it is at an angle and the fly does not provide coverage as mentioned in several other reviews

    Aug 26,2018

  • @NELLHeavyMoney
    Igen (0) Szín: Dodger Blue
    I was looking for a lightweight tent which was actually big enough for two adults and their gear, and most importantly waterproof with a large rain fly, The floor vent helps along with the fact that the tent poles keep the large rain fly from resting on the top screens, I also hit this tent with one can of waterproofing to be on the safe side and since the tent is a medium sized tent, It feels like a regular tarp material floor so if you're camping on a rough or gravelly surface you may want a foot print to be safe, The window and door open below the rain fly so there's no need to worry if you want them wide open as well

    Jun 27,2018

  • Andersen Silva
    Igen (0) Szín: Dodger Blue
    This is the perfect tent for me, Although my old tent lasted a good long time, I searched the internet and found some fabulous tents out there but kept coming back to this one, It didn't have all the bells and whistles like some of the other new tents w / their attached screen porches, I also bought the rain fly and although it is smaller than I am used to, I will waterproof it as I always did with my other tent, I also bought a piece of indoor-outdoor carpet for the inside -LRB- the same size as the tents footprint, I will be very comfortable in there with my single size air mattress, Happy camping

    Aug 26,2018

  • Isaac F Barrientos
    Igen (0) Szín: Dodger Blue
    Excellent family tent, and I use this for our family week up to camp and for various other summer camping trip, The poles are all vertical with no perpendicular connections so it did like to tip over at first, I simply wrapped the cords for the fly around each pole and it holds great, This tent is perfect for us because I can set it up ALONE in next to no time while the wife and kiddo get settled in, and a full moon roof for the non rainy nights :-RRB-, We put our queen size air matress on one side of the divider and a pack and play along with any supplies on the other side, a great family tent

    Sep 04,2018

  • Scotiez
    Igen (0) Szín: Dodger Blue
    I bought this tent for car camping and so far am very pleased, It is very roomy and my wife and I were able to put a queen sized air mattress along with our dog's crate with tons of room to spare for storing other things we brought along, The floor is sturdy but I would still suggest putting a tarp underneath as a makeshift footprint, We have experienced rain in this tent and so far it hasn't gotten us wet, The hinged door is very convenient and set up was quite simple, Getting the tent back intot he bag is exceptionally difficult but I don't know what tent isn't

    Jul 14,2018

  • Goody
    Igen (0) Szín: Dodger Blue
    I don't need to go into detail about how easy this tent is to set up, It is roomy and has no sagging due to the well-fit pole frame, It is nice to stand up in a tent after years of having to crawl around in small dome tents when I was camping on my own, Why should I put up with the cramped quarters of my backpack tent when I'm car camping and this tent is so convenient, I will advise that I did waterproof this tent with silicone before using it and I always use a ground tarp underneath, This is a great tent for my purposes

    Jul 03,2018

  • Deaver Fan
    Igen (0) Szín: Dodger Blue
    Wife and I bought it for use primarily in primitive camping situations in the woods in Central Ohio, with no prior experience or instruction on this or any other tent, The tent's protective bag comes with simple, Did that to protect the bathtub-style tent bottom, Our two and a half day camping experience was just fabulous in this tent, Those left quite a bit of room in the main tent for our large Doberman and coolers and supplies, I'm new to camping and can't imagine waiting even another few weeks

    Sep 09,2018

  • Iram Carmona
    Igen (0) Szín: Dodger Blue
    I researched tents for days before I made this purchase and I'm totally satisfied, very waterproof tent at a good price and this tent met all the criteria, Bought it for a camping trip in Maui and it's small enough that it fit nicely in my carry on luggage - which was one of my biggest concerns, It's held up through several rainy Hawaiian nights and I have never gotten wet, This tent has also been really easy to set up and take down, A great tent at a Great price

    Aug 01,2018

  • Susan Diane Coleson
    Igen (0) Szín: Dodger Blue
    I just went camping and there was a serious rain and wind storm the blew tents and canopies all around except for this tent - it stayed put and the wind blew very hard and the top went up and back down where the poles stretched and I have to say that it's the best tent that I've ever owned and we appreciate who made it because it kept us dry and safe, It actually protected us not just from the rain and wind but from the other tents and canopies

    Sep 05,2018