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  • Paolo
    Good luck buying such a useful tape
    In concept, this tape should be the best ever. In the application, if you only need it for small things that are not very heavy, then this tape works well. So those stickers are used to tape up my framed poster and photo frame, works very good. Since I got a big roll. Of course, I also tried to use it on my carpet, which is very effective for my vacuum. This is incredible adhesion. I really had such good luck buying such a useful tape!

    Jul 15,2019

  • Evgeny Zachary
    Very easy to paste
    Traceless Washable tape is very useful. It sticks and we used it for a temporary job. It doesn't need to punch holes in the wall anymore. It's also very sticky. It's so convenient for me to stick a picture of my daughter on the wall. Not sure how it will hold up long term and not sure if it will wash and be useable again, but it does work as advertised. I’m a believer!

    Jul 23,2019

    Best one.
    This Double sided tape is definitely one if the best one. It's transparent and super adhesive characteristics makes it quite must buy product. Those who r looking for double sided tape, just go for it.

    Oct 23,2019

  • Krumholz
    good tape
    I use this for all flat surfaces - it`s very strong and beyond my expectations. It`s can take a lot of weight like an outlet with all cables - also two.. also wash hand dispenser

    Oct 08,2019

  • Paolo
    Nastro bi adesivo
    Arrivato nei tempi previsti , anche se non lo ancora aperto ma ho già usato questo tipo di nastro , i filmati che sono stati messi in circolazione danno l'idea che sia un nastro che si possa attaccare e riattaccare piu' volte ma lo si deve usare una sola volta , ma a differenza dei comuni biadesivi è morbido e attacca molto bene, non è un lavabile.

    Nov 02,2019

  • Fredy
    Muy bueno...
    Es muy buena la cinta, tiene buena adherencia, solo que debes colocar lo suficiente para que las cosas pesadas se sujeten muy bien. Por el momento no le encuentro nada malo, en general todo ha resultado bien. No he probado que si se lava vuelve a su estado original.

    Oct 04,2019

  • Cove
    This sticks very good
    I love this sticky tape. It sticks very good. It is transparant so you can use it everywhere without you noticing it too much.
    And you can use it on surfaces which are not that flat. Maybe not for holding very heavy things , but still.
    The only thing is that it is a bit thick but that doesn't bother me.

    Sep 25,2019

  • Steven
    Non-marking Nano Adhesive Double-sided
    lots of clear double-sided tape should be very handy for various jobs around the house when I need to restick some things back together

    Sep 06,2019

  • Steven
    Amazing stuff
    Sticks like glue but still removable. Stuck a bank of sockets and a mesh router to the wall, solid as a rock. About to order some more. Much cheaper than Amazon UK

    Sep 10,2019

  • leo&leo
    Simple and Practical!
    It works well! Used it on the carpet in the kitchen, because the carpet always moved, and now the tape really helped a lot. It is so simple and practical!

    Jul 29,2019