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  • Mirabelle
    suitable radiator
    Playing games every day, the phone is easily hot, with this device, much better, once connected to the power supply, began to feel a little cold, specially boot test, a bit like the kind of refrigerator.

    Feb 16,2020

  • Diana
    I have received the goods and used it immediately. The quality of the phone holder is very good, and the appearance is very nice. I like it very much, and I will recommend it to my friends again.

    Feb 15,2020

  • Patricia
    Good cooling effect
    Playing games in summer, the mobile phone will be hot after playing for a long time, and at first I was worried that the wind would not be enough, so try to play for a night. Good cooling device!

    Feb 18,2020

  • Cynthia
    good quality
    The product looks good quality, very suitable for office and travel!! It keeps my phone cool and I plan to buy a few spare ones that my family can use!

    Feb 12,2020

  • Andrea
    As described
    The old one got lost on a trip. I've been looking for a better replacement. I couldn't find anything suitable in the store, so I chose it

    Feb 13,2020

  • Cherry
    It is great !!!
    It is great !!! It keeps my phone cool and safe !!So far, it works well,It seems to help with my phone overheating in the car.

    Feb 18,2020

  • cameron
    Strong compatibility
    It is suitable for all mobile phones with a width of 67- 88 mm. It is compact and easy to carry.

    Feb 12,2020

  • Zsolt
    Funcooler review
    Came in nearly a month after I ordered it. The cooler is working well although it certainly isn't as good as marketing and videos online would have you believe.

    Sep 14,2020

  • Richard
    Good purchase!
    Playing games are more smooth, cooling fan opened after basically no noise.

    Feb 18,2020

  • Egbert
    Compact radiator
    The cooling effect is good, the phone is not hot, very satisfied.

    Feb 18,2020