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  • Jasmine
    Strong flexibility, oil resistant and waterproof
    The painting wall sticker well decorates my home space. It has the following characteristics such as the strong flexibility, oil resistant and waterproof.

    Oct 07,2017

  • Seng Kimhour
    Indian printed canvas print
    every is alright and now I'm not catch any bad point and I recommend you to buy it.to know more let watch my video below.

    Apr 09,2019

  • Tom
    Style of Indian Printed Canvas Print
    The design of wild wolf and beautiful girl pattern is my favorite style. Evertime I look at them, I feel confidence and crazy. Perfect combination.

    Oct 07,2017

  • Solomon
    Indian style
    The painting is in Indian style, cool and mysterious. It is waterproof, durable and easy to clean.

    Oct 07,2017

  • indian printed
    printed canvas
    good picture , the quality is good, arrived fast, better then i expected.

    Jul 06,2019