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  • Aerial Innovations
    Hubsan Zino 2 Day 1
    Received the Zino 2 today and immediately put the Charger to work as I familiarized myself with the Controller, Aircraft, and App. Upon opening the bag I knew I had something special as Hubsan has always improved their product line. The app is easy to use as well as the controller. The build is exceptional for its price point.....and that is not even touching on the features of the drone. The maiden flight was amazing..... Even with a fairly heavy wind the Zeno 2 held position very well. The app connected flawlessly using a Samsung tab A Tablet. I didn't really do any distance testing on the maiden flight but instead focused on feeling out the control response which was very good with almost zero noticeable latency. I ran the Zeno 2 through the three different flight modes and took several RAW format photos. The photos are spectacular and after very little post-production work were quite presentable for clients with just a bit of color correction and saturation adjusting. My first impressions were that this is an incredible drone for its price point. I highly would recommend it from the beginner pilot to the very seasoned professional pilot. Thank you Hubsan for an amazing piece of engineering and I am certainly looking forward to many, many more flights with this fantastic machine....!!!

    Mar 14,2020

  • EZbikes Ireland
    Great value
    Previously bought a ZINO but had camera issue so got that one after Gearbest refunded. I had a problem w/firmware update through the app at first and took a week to resolve but Hubsan support helped and sent firmware files for the drone and now it's a joy! Stable, great range although you need to be on higher ground to be able to get close to that 8km range Video does are fantastic quality at that price range although I would recommend to buy lens filters for sunny days because you get loads of glare.
    Real flight time on Normal mode is about 22/24min.
    The bag and stare batteries makes the difference so don't hesitate.
    Finally, had a problem with the charger which literally exploded when I plugged it the 'second' time so I would recommend you get a proper lithium charger which can be found for €50 and charges up to 3 batteries and controller and will make your batteries better last.
    Overall, If you are a bit of a geek and don't mind playing around with firmware update, etc then ZINO 2 is to go for. However, if you have a greater budget and don't want to have to manipulate files then I would recommend DJI.
    Personally, i believe Hubsan deserves a bit of help as they are almost at the edge of making the perfect drone at a very attractive price tag.

    Dec 07,2020

  • Jan Zoubek
    Yes 👍
    The drone was delivered quickly and ok at first glance after unpacking. Communication with the seller was good. After unpacking, I turned on the drone and immediately required an update. There was nothing else to do without her. I have a Samsung A 7, updated through the app, 5x stopped at 50-75 percent. I don't know why yet. I will try again tomorrow and then I will try via PC. So far I give 4 stars. If the update succeeds and everything is fine, I will fix it to 5 stars.

    Aug 19,2020

  • Riccardo
    Drone fantastico
    Drone fantastico, arrivato con la batteria al 50%, subito messo a caricare e devo dire che la ricarica è molto veloce. Provato il giorno dopo, è stabile anche con un discreto vento, riprese sono molto belle, forse un po tendenti al magenta, magari lato software si può migliorare ancora. Il segnale devo testarlo, per adesso non mi spingo oltre i 500 metri ma devo dire che è fluido e non ha interruzioni. Lo riprenderei assolutamente

    Jul 14,2020

  • calin
    Excellent drone
    Didnt have the time to fully test due to windy chill weather it but apparently does the job.
    well executed, long range, very good speeds and battery life, exceptional picture quality, well done hubsan

    Feb 23,2020

  • Luis Noriega
    Muy bonito y bueno
    Gracias por este regalo, me gusta mucho la robustez que tiene, aun no he volado pero les iré mandando reviews, aunque la única queja podría ser que han tardado 2 meses y medio en mandar, que si lo quieren compensarmelo mandándome otra batería del Hubsan Zino 2, lo agradecería y seguiría dándole muchas valoraciones positivas, gracias

    Feb 24,2020

  • DaveW
    Hubsan Zino 2
    had some delays because of covid-19 and Chinese New Year but finally got my quad and glad I got it at the pre-order discount price. I love my new Zino 2 and so far am having no problems with it.

    May 23,2020

  • Magnus
    Zino 2
    much drone for little money, a very good product & very fast delivery

    Aug 19,2020

  • Zino 2
    Alles Ok.
    All good. The drone works perfectly. It is a lot of fun to fly with her.The drone is well made and the camera takes great shots and photos. It is also noticeably faster than the previous drone. Everything done right. Many thanks to gearbest and the affiliated dealers. Thank you

    Sep 28,2020

  • Gabi Diplomat
    Finaly, I receive my Zino 2. Thank you Gearbest. The package was ok, but I have problem with the firmware upgrade.
    All to all îs a great drone, thanks again Gearbest.

    Sep 19,2020