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  • MI
    These Cobras have sharper and harder teeth than the blue competition shown in the picture, with the lower price it's not such a big deal, the other pros are that all the teeth are angled to give the user the most gripping power and with the push button adjustment you get the best grip for your hands, go ahead and spend the extra money for a better quality longer lasting tool, and brass nuts and fixtures use the knipex pliers wrench the silver ones so that you don't damage the surface by using pliers with sharp teeth like the cobras

    Jul 28,2018

  • Vicki Breneman
    These are the best adjustable pliers made and the only type in my tool bag, The ability to lock the jaws alone makes them worth it over any other type of adjustable pliers, These where my first venture into the Knipex brand and now I find myself looking into all their other tools as a result of my satisfaction with the quality, Which would only be a hindrance if you have a large tool bag or limited organizational means

    Apr 22,2018

  • El Comprador
    Muy bueno!!
    Cosas buenas:
    >Cuchilla afilada
    >Viene con una cadenita para llevarla como llavero
    >Muy portable y camuflable

    Cosas Malas:

    Se lleva el 100% de mi recomendacion, me ha sido muy util en el dia a dia, lo llevo en el bolsillo, no ocupa espacio y es sumamente comodo de usar.

    Sep 24,2019

  • Kaylee Grace B.
    These are amazing pliers, They are definitely more expensive than other similar pliers, The teeth on these pliers make them ideal for grabbing radiator hoses and coaxing them off barb fittings, I have at least one of every size Cobra that Knipex makes from the really tiny to the comically large

    May 25,2018

  • simplysharon
    This is a great small pliers with surprisingly big jaw opening, I bought this small one because I needed to work in tight spaces, For work in tight spaces, It works almost like a ratchet wrench

    Aug 22,2018

  • samantharr
    These pliers are extremely high quality and do it all, Metal is extremely high quality and even though these have been pretty abused since I've gotten them, the teeth are still perfect

    Jul 03,2018

  • JuliaKate Culpepper
    I work in industrial maintenance I needed a small but not tiny pair of pliers to carry around with me in my work vest pockets along with a couple other tools

    Jun 02,2018

  • Barry Stevenson
    keychain knife
    came in good time happy with the product could be a wee bit sharper so it's all good thank you very much

    Oct 14,2019

  • G
    You have never used these they are the best pliers out there, I know hard to fork out the money but I do it again

    Aug 13,2018

  • NK
    These are German-made pliers, They are built to the highest quality standards and have unbelievable bite

    Aug 16,2018