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  • Rachel
    Absolutely a wonderful product! I will never cut a pineapple any other way from now on. It's so easy to use and slices come out perfect every time. A great kitchen aid!!! A must have and would be an excellent gift-especially for anyone with weak hand strength or arthritis. It cuts so easily :)
    No cons whatsoever unless storage is a big issue as it is as wide as a pineapple at one end but truly worth it.

    Jul 19,2018

  • Donna Werth
    This kitchen tool works very well and is also very sharp! It not only gets only the good part of the pineapple out of the middle but it spirals it for you too. I have never peeled a pineapple with such ease. My roommate has decided that he needs it more than I do, therefore, I will be ordering several more to keep on hand.

    Apr 02,2016

  • Savy217
    Fa quello che deve in modo divertente
    Questo prodotto è qualcosa di spettacolare, permette di pulire e di affettare un ananas con estrema facilità, l'unico difetto che posso attribuirgli è che va bene solo per ananas di dimensioni medio piccole, altrimenti lascia troppa polpa attaccata alla buccia.
    Sarebbe stato meglio se fosse stato leggermente più grande.

    Jan 29,2018

  • Victor
    Es un producto tiene buena calidad
    la parte de plástico es un poco frágil
    es útil para cortar las piñas, pero si la piña es grande se desperdicia mucho

    Oct 01,2018

  • Ritesh
    Awesome Pineapple Slicer
    This is one of the best kitchen tool , i came across. Best built material , pure stainless steel. It works like a charm. Cut even the toughest fruit. Its is so durable and easy to use , that my kid can also use it. It is very light weight and at the same time very convenient to use.
    They should have provided a small brush to clean the tool.

    Jul 15,2018

  • Vasilis
    Very useful
    It works perfect
    easy setup
    very easy to clean it
    very easy to use it
    the result with the pineapple is perfect all the time
    It works perfect with watermelon too ;)
    I wish i had order a pen and and apple together in order to have a penpineapple aple pen :P :P :P
    nothing at all

    Jul 02,2018

  • Branden Bratuhin
    It works amazingly well!
    I was a bit shocked that it worked as well as it did. It was pretty effortless to twist into the pineapple and extract everything, already nicely sliced. If you've ever seen one used at a juice stand etc...this is the same thing.
    Some slight bits of rust on the grommets, but nothing too bad. The plastic in the handle seems a bit soft so it may wear down over time. But at the price and saving like 5 minutes of cutting pineapples...you can't really complain.

    Jul 16,2016

  • Hrvoje Terzić
    Great tool for pineapple, very sharp and easy to use, pineapple is ready for eating in 30 seconds. No mess after.

    Feb 08,2017

  • VëLøMåñÑ
    Pineapple cutter
    Easy assembly .. easy cleaning .. easy to use .. cuts nice thick slices of juicy pineapple .. am very happy with this purchase .. Recommend +
    No cons

    Jan 18,2017

  • Zsolt Kocsi
    Pineapple corer
    Cheap but poor quality! Easy work if dont break! Flash sale in price good but dont buy again!
    Bad material! Poor quality! I do not recommend Buying....

    Feb 22,2017