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  • S.Georgiou
    Came with atrociously blunt, uneven bevel blade stock
    This was my second Ganzo Firebird F763M1 purchase. I originally purchased it in Orange G10 from a local knife supplier in Australia to test the Ganzo brand. I was impressed with both the price and the ergonomics of the F763M1 that I purchased a second, this time in carbon fiber from Gear Best.

    I received the knife with the worst piece of blade stock I'd ever seen in a production knife. The bevels were atrociously uneven, and the edge blunter than the side of a door. Luckily, I had a Lansky system on hand with some extremely course diamond stones.

    Even after re-profiling the blade the bevels were still visibly uneven, which just goes to show how out of wack original profiling job was. Everything else regarding the knife met expectations.

    *Photos provided are after re-profiling the blade.

    Jan 08,2019

    S.Georgiou :

    Thank you for your recent order.

    We are sorry to hear that you have the issue for your item.

    After-sales issues can be resolved through our Support Center within 24 hours.

    Please kindly review our warranty policy here:https://www.gearbest.com/about/warranty-and-return.html

    Best regards,


    Mar 22,2019

  • billar
    GANZO Firebird F753M1
    A convenient knife of small size. Sharp with a box. In the complete set a cover and a box. The handle is pleasant to the touch. In his arm he lay down well. Steel blade is decent. Build quality at height. The price is attractive. Looks beautiful. The form is beautiful, looks decent. I am satisfied with the purchase.

    Удобный нож небольшого размера. Острый с коробки. В комплекте чехол и коробка. Рукоять приятная на ощупь. В руку лег хорошо. Сталь клинка достойная. Качество сборки на высоте. Цена привлекательная. Выглядит красиво. Форма красивая, смотрится достойно. Покупкой доволен.

    Dec 21,2017

  • Daniel
    An engineered marvel
    Tight yet free and smooth operation UN: 18 cm 7 inch
    Perfect EDC size and bodacious 440C blade. BL: 8 cm 3.25 inch
    A weight conscious knife with skeletonized liners and Carbon Fiber handle. FO: 10.2 cm 4 inch
    Axis lock and thumb studs offers swift versatile opening and closures. BW: 2.5 mm 3/16 inch
    Big belly blade and sharpening choil suggest easy maintenance. WE: 85 grams 3 ounces
    An ergonomic knife shape for hand and pocket.
    Open frame construction.
    Large lanyard hole.
    Engineered optimized EDC proportions and well balanced knife materials.
    Despite a stiff Axis lock, the knife still makes swift painless opening and closures.
    Thumb studs are a spatially minimalistic. but an adopted thumb flick makes rapid deployment.
    Carbon Fiber is a slick, compared to G-10 scales.
    Due to the small folded proportion length, knife feels thick in it's breadth.

    Jun 25,2017

    Très bon couteau
    Très beau couteau, envoyé très rapidement. Produit conforme à la description. Ce petit couteau arrive très bien emballé dans une jolie boite aux couleurs de GANZO le tout soigneusement protégé avec une jolie housse. C'est un couteau très bien fini car tout est contourné pour adoucir les angles. Les plaquettes ont été ajourée pour diminuer le poids du couteau. La lame est très belle, rasoir en sortie de boite. Seul le mécanisme "gratte " un peu et du coup l'ouverture et la fermeture ne sont pas très fluides. Aucun jeu latéral et haut et bas, le couteau est parfaitement verrouillé en position ouverte.Le satin de la lame est très beau, et l'acier 440C est parfait pour un couteau utilitaire EDC.

    Apr 09,2018

  • Longuylander
    Much better than I expected.
    I bought this because I've been eying a Benchmade and didn't want to spend a lot of money to find out that I didn't like the Axis lock. The CF certainly makes it pretty, and the blade has a nice finish. The blue thumb studs and hex screws are a nice touch too. What surprised me the most was the quality of the lock itself. Other reviews say it's tighter than a Benchmade Axis lock, but after a few weeks now, it has loosened up enough for one-finger use (it's difficult, but doable). I don't think I'd want it any looser than that. It opens and closes smoothly and the blade is close to being centered. The only improvement I could see is having a deep-carry clip.

    Oct 16,2018

  • Aleksandr
    Ganzo Firebird F753M1 - CF
    Отличный нож на каждый день, удобно лежит на кармане с помощью клипсы. При ношении почти не ощущается. Заточка хорошая сразу из коробки. Механизм открывания-закрывания работает чётко. Аксис держит лезвие отлично. В небольшой руке лежит просто отлично, даже отверстие под темляк есть. Понравилась форма клинка. Карбоновый ламинат тоже смотрится весьма достойно.
    Кончиком клинка лучше ничего не откручивать, легко погнуть. Накладки на рукоятках, под карбон, немного скользкие. Аккуратнее при работе ножом мокрыми руками.

    Mar 06,2018

  • Junior
    Gearbest and ganzo's successful partnership.
    Excellent product, very high quality, excellent workmanship, recommend this purchase ..

    Excellent product, very high quality, excellent workmanship, recommend this purchase ..
    Excellent product, very high quality, excellent workmanship, recommend this purchase ..

    Product of great quality, impeccable finish. I will definitely buy more items from this brand.
    Product of great quality, impeccable finish. I will definitely buy more items from this brand.

    Feb 27,2018

  • D.Raichev
    Arrived in 17 days, well packaged. The knife is light, but feels sturdy. The blade looks amazing and is shaving sharp. Build quality looks and feels like a much more expensive product. At such price I don't think there is any competition, if you're looking for a gentleman's folder or a compact EDC this is for you. Firebird by GANZO is now my go to brand, which I will also recommend to friends.
    So far I haven't found any

    Feb 06,2018

  • Laura
    Awesome EDC for that price
    Nicely made, drop point blade, razorsharp.
    Belt clip seems to be fairly strong, I like that.
    I also like the size and weight, that makes it easier to handle for my not that big hands.
    The rather small size makes it excellent for EDC in urban areas. Blade deployment works buttery smooth with a modified thumbflick, and it rests in place with a statisfying click.

    Sep 28,2018

  • Bertrand
    Très bon EDC
    Une très bonne qualité de fabrication , ouverture efficace et fluide, une lame intéressante et de belle forme en 440C, avec une taille ni trop grande ni trop petite ; une finition au poil , discret de port , rasoir à l’ouverture ; livrée avec un petit étui en tissu , détail s’il en reste mais qui apporte aussi à la présentation du produit ... vraiment un achat conseillé pour un prix ultra abordable ...

    Jan 23,2019