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  • LazyDerby
    Great as described
    Great as described:
    "- Great shaver and extreme shaving system: this 3D rotary shaver can automatically adjust to every curve of your face, neck and jaw, 3 floating heads and self-sharpening close-cut blades give you a comfortable close shave. Automatic grinding technology ensures you a close and clean shave experience without pulling the beard or damage skin.
    - Quick charge: only one hour charging then you can use it for 90 minutes.
    - LED digital display: multiple functions intelligent LED display makes it multifunctional, showing electric quantity, charging warning, washing tips, and locked-rotor protection reminding. When the display shows using time is 5 minutes, it means this shaver needs charging.
    - Washable and detachable: press the button on the chin of the head and empty the hair, from the chamber and rinse under cold running water."

    Feb 09,2018

    From a trucker perspective....not bad
    I'm a trucker. There are plenty of times I am not able to get a shave with a manual blade. Most of the time I just let my stubble grow until I can get a shower at a truck stop or at home. That leaves me looking less than professional sometimes. I'd much rather convey a clean cut appearance than have customers and the general public continue to believe that truckers are mostly scuzzy. For that reason, I decided to try this electric to see if I could step up my game. I have been using this razor for 2 weeks now, it works pretty well, giving me a pretty close shave. I don't think it's quite as close as a blade, but it's pretty good. It even gets those gray whiskers that are tough to corral. It's easy to clean. I usually just have to knock the whiskers out because I don't have running water in my truck, but you can run the thing under water to rinse it.

    May 14,2018

  • AK474
    As I like the closer shave that a traditional razor provides
    My husband uses this shaver, and I borrowed it to try using it on my legs before getting my own. It works very well on my thighs where my hair grows in baffling ways, switching directions at random and generally being unsightly and difficult to tame. I use this for all leg-shaving above the knee, and it's much quicker than shaving with a traditional razor. I haven't switched for below-the-knee, as I like the closer shave that a traditional razor provides.

    Mar 10,2018

  • kouame
    La perfection !!!
    Je viens de recevoir ce rasoir électrique. Et il est vraiment parfait et ferme à l'utilisation car il épouse parfaitement les courbes de mon menton. En outre il rase effectivement de près sans laisser le moindre poil en reste.
    Chose également étonnant est le voyant électronique indiquant le nombre de minutes restantes pour le rasage. Cela est vraiment très pratique, car il permet de ne être lâcher au cours d'un rasage.
    Je ne trouve rien à dire contre cet appareil. Je conseille vivement à ceux qui cherchent un produit de qualité !

    Mar 23,2019

  • soufiane
    FLYCO FS375EU Electric Rechargeable Shaver for Men
    Seemed to be a pretty good buy but it's actually much better than expected and was quite a surprise! Super-smooth quality, perfect, silent and fully reliable operation, great battery and very nice functions. Really a good choice if you're looking for a nice battery operated shaver. And no, I'm not getting paid for this review :-)

    Mar 29,2019

  • HarryPetter
    I would recommend this razor to friends and anyone who wants a great shave without nicks and cuts.
    For the price, this razor is a major bargain. I have a black (and silver) beard, sensitive skin and a five o'clock shadow at 10 am. When I finish shaving every day, my face feels as soft and free of stubble as if I ripped my face up with an old fashioned non-electric razor. I would recommend this razor to friends and anyone who wants a great shave without nicks and cuts.

    Apr 05,2018

  • Alexander
    Fantastic trimmer with ingenious design
    Fantastic trimmer with ingenious design. Almost impossible to cut yourself with it, and it leaves your skin smoother than most electric razors (of course, not as smooth as a standard non-electric razor, but pretty close).The razor collects the trimmings, which can be easily cleaned out by popping open the top and giving it a good rinse and shake.

    Jun 07,2018

  • Joseph
    Very nice budget electric shaver
    Very nice budget electric shaver. Lightweight and its ergonomic design fits really nicely in my hand. I prefer the shave I get with a straight-edge but some days, when I'm feeling lazy, an electric razor is quicker and easier. I've ended up using this shaver more than I expected to, and am pleased with the closeness of the shave.

    Mar 10,2018

  • Camy
    Flyco FS3756EU Electric Shaver.
    Very attractive shaver which comes in beautiful packaging. High tech Led display appears to float in space behind the clear front panel.Gives excellent close shaves. However it sounds a bit coarse when running compared to my last shaver.When mounted on charging stand it looks
    very high tech.

    Mar 09,2019

  • Hugo
    Shaving machines are very well packed, they work perfectly, so they also boast battery life.
    Very good product.
    Shaving is very good.
    Also the travel package is very good.

    Dec 21,2018