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  • Shane D
    This is my second pair of these slippers, I wore the last pair out because of a serious injury to my right foot and ankle I require orthotic support at all times especially during housework and cooking projects, I even wear with heavy socks all winter, So much better than shoes with orthotic inserts for walking around at home, Wish I had given in to the price and bought a new pair before I ran into my couch last weekend in my bare feet and broke my toe, The price is high for slippers but if you need orthotic support with everyday comfort these are the best on the market

    Aug 25,2018

  • Dan V
    My feet didn't get any worse and they were comfortable so I kept wearing them, I have made a big effort to buy better shoes that cater to foot pain -LRB- merrel, prophet -RRB- but nothing has helped my feet more than the orthoheel slippers, I am hoping I can upgrade to orthoheel for everything to continue to keep my feet healthy, My foot is normal width but I really have to pull these tight -LRB- adjustable velcro -RRB-

    Jun 21,2018

  • William Struse
    This is my second pair of UGG slippers because I wear my first pair so much that I need a pair to alternate them with, You will not be disappointed - they are worth every penny particularly if you buy a size larger than you normally wear, You want them to be large enough to slip off your foot slightly when you first get them -LRB- trust me -RRB- - enough slippage that you can easily wear them with a pair of socks

    Mar 26,2018

  • Brenton McClure
    This is my third pair of Relax Slippers, the slippers provide excellent arch support and make walking free of foot discomfort and fatigue, The first two pairs were light pink and showed dirt very quickly even though I did my best to wear socks most of the time, This new pair is dark grey and should continue to look new for a longer period of time, They are expensive but worth the price

    Jul 11,2018

  • DC III
    these are a very well made slipper though expensive, the size is authentic and the width is adjustable with the top Velcro flap ... great for those of us with wide feel, I found the arch support a bit too high and would have hoped for better sole and ball of foot support/padding for my own foot pain but can see these being a good choice for someone with fallen arches etc.

    Mar 28,2018

  • Peter H.
    I had forgotten to purchase health food slippers in Germany and felt really sorry because my feet were uncomfortable in regular slippers, The shoes look a little big on my feet but they are a total delight, Finally my feet do not hurt any longer, I will get a pair of running shoes and some soles for my other shoes, Very important to have good shoes

    Feb 27,2018

  • Kelly Gimbel
    These are a great part of the Ugg lineup and are fabulous slippers, They have full soles and can be worn outside, True to Ugg, I have found it necessary to wear socks because the fur has worn where my pinkie toe rests, They are a bit of an investment but are great quality, They run true to size for me

    Oct 13,2018

  • Jackie Chan
    of high quality, My only problem is that I'm currently pregnant and so my feet are slightly swollen, So you take swollen pregger lady feet and add a brand new pair of shoes -LRB- regardless of how much they may stretch over time -RRB- and you've got yerself a shoe that feels somewhat small

    Jul 12,2018

    Orthaheel shoes are great for helping align our backs and arches, their house shoes are heavy, This is my second pair, I bought a pair for the winter they made me clunk around my house because they were so heavy, I bought these summer pair they are not quite as heavy as the winter ones

    Jun 05,2018

  • Thomas C. Santoro
    These are comfortable but not any more so than other quality slippers I've had with good cushioning, They're expensive as far as slippers go and I don't feel they're worth the extra money I paid for them, I will use these since they're good slippers but I won't re-buy them due to the price

    Aug 02,2018