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  • Stephen Mahanes
    Let me say that I received this bulb free of charge in exchange for a honest review, lED lighting is way more complicated then the old incandescent lighting, this was the brightest and whitest light I could find and it did not disappoint It's on a dimmer, i'm mentioning this because since this first purchase, I trust Torchstar with all my LED bulb needs, I am a believer in LED and you won't go wrong with this bulb or other products by Torchstar

    Dec 18,2018

  • laron boykin
    I have tried many LED bulbs over the years and ran into many minor and a few major issues with most of them, the biggest issue was the base size and fitting into one of the two lights I use most, these bulbs fit where most standard light bulbs would and are just as bright as I was hoping, one minor thing that is no where near as bad as other brands is that there is a slight delay from when the switch is hit to the bulb being fully on

    Jan 26,2018

  • Groot
    I'm replacing an older LED in a screen casting studio, two regular lamps illuminate my face during recording, but provide me desk task lighting during most of the day, one older LED bulb from another source started blinking off and on at random times, so I figured I'd see how long these bulbs last

    Aug 28,2018

    In my quest to find a good LED bulb for my full LED conversion in the house, this is the best bulb I've been able to find, they fit like an incandescent and the light they give off is so close that unless you are told they are LEDs, I don't like the harsh white of the traditional LEDs

    Sep 11,2017

  • Gabor
    EXUP 5PCS LED Candle Bulb e14
    I have to say that for it's price, this led bulb will give you a perfect white light for any of your rooms and it's actually stronger that I thought.

    Oct 17,2018

  • Ken Smith
    This is the only led bulb I found so far that works in my older motion sensing outdoor lights, non-dimmable bulbs would blink unless one fixture had an incandescent bulb in it

    Apr 26,2018

  • Anita Cudiamat
    The color of the lightbulbs great only problem I have is I had to add a new dimmer switch as it buzzing sound with these bulbs, I read this is very typical with dimmable LED bulb

    Jun 28,2018

  • Ray in Chesapeake
    This is the best LED bulb I've bought in terms of performance and design, it also weighs significantly less than other LED bulbs I own, this novel LED bulb design is a winner

    Aug 22,2018

  • navalsoccer
    The interior of the lampshade is deep yellow or gold color, the lightbulb is not the daylight type of bright light, this throws a golden light with a LED bulb

    Dec 03,2017

  • latasha Henderson
    After living with warm color incandescent bulbs my entire life, led lighting is an adjustment and finding the right color bulb has been exhausting

    Aug 06,2018