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  • Max
    Buon prodotto, buone le rifiniture ed il materiale, tutto ben assemblato.
    Buon prodotto, buone le rifiniture ed il materiale, tutto ben assemblato, ottimo anche l'imballaggio, nonostante qualche "trauma" subito dalla scatola tutto al suo interno è perfettamente funzionante.
    Facilissimo da installare, è praticamente autoconfigurante, all'avvio ricerca la rete (solo su porta LAN no wifi), HDD e le telecamere sono già configurate, basta solo posizionarle ed alimentarle.
    Non sembra avere particolari problemi di ricezione del segnale, posizionate all'esterno dell'abitazione (circa 100mq) non sembrano avere problemi di ricezione.
    Immagini nitide e ben definite. Buona anche l'immagine notturna.
    C'è anche la lingua Italiana (con la classica traduzione un po' arrangiata) che facilita le già semplici operazioni di configurazione.
    Unico appunto da fare il mouse in dotazione, molto molto economico, ma per quello che deve fare va benissimo.

    Jul 02,2017

  • Thomas Philbrick
    For the price I'm impressed with what's in the boxes, my purchase did not include a hard drive but added one for recording capability, if you do not have experience with hard drive installations I recommend the system with the drive already installed, once up and running the DVR software seems stable and the interface isn't too complicated I'm IT so your experience may be different

    Mar 01,2018

  • Alexander
    Отличная система видеонаблюдения!
    Отличная система видеонаблюдения для домашнего использования.
    Включил в розетку и через минуту она сама нашла камеры (для пробы я подключил 2).
    Подключение жесткого диска тоже проблем не вызвало

    Jun 27,2017

  • meca
    Absolutely great system, bought this for my friend who bought his first home, and then snaked it through the attic to where the cameras are located on opposing corners of the home to cover front walls and back walls in all four directions, the picture quality is exceptional at night

    Feb 02,2017

  • Oliver Zunig
    The system was as described and was very very easy to install, cameras day and night work great, just have to plan out and play with camera placement before final installation to get the best camera angles and pic, the PoE system makes installation very easy for rookies

    May 22,2018

  • Escam
    Boa construção
    entrega rápida
    montagem fácil
    programa um pouco confusa mas com tempo da para entender.
    de resto tudo.ok.. vale a pena pelo preço..comprem ..recomendo ..gearbest sempre no top.

    Jul 05,2017

  • linc
    ESCAM WNK403 Wireless 720P DVR Kit Security Camera System - WHITE AND BLACK US PLUG 197333102
    good Escam WNK403 Wireless NVR Kit, very very good item for the price, 1/3 inch color CMOS image sensor
    Built-in IR-cut filter, color on day / switch to black and white at night
    Built-in 3.6mm lens for wide view angle

    Aug 07,2018

  • Benz51
    Sehr gutes Kamera System, Qualität ist super, die bild schärfe auch. Nachsicht sieht auch super aus. Aufnehmen tut es auch.

    Alles in allem für den Preis wirklich empfehlenswert.

    Vergisst nicht. Ihr müsst eine Festplatte dazu kaufen, eine 2,5" Laptop Festplatte.
    Gibt keine

    Mar 02,2017

  • gary55305
    The system is great, the build quality far surpasses the last camera system I ordered, the cameras are heavy and the connections are very easy since it is powered over Ethernet cable

    Sep 02,2017

  • Ablov
    Escam WNK403 Wireless NVR Kit
    Хорошее качество сборки, неплохая картинка, простота в использовании
    продукт не соответствует описанию, в описании сказано что :"Sensor size (inch): 1/3
    Pixels: 2MP", на самом деле 1MP (исходя из доступного разрешения) и размер матрицы 1/4.

    Jan 24,2017