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  • Victor V.
    Enlan's Hidden Gem
    I already owned the plain blade version, whis is amazing, so I decided to buy the half-serrated blade version.
    So far, as I'm totally satisfied. Fit, finish amd materials are surprisingly good for the price.
    The grip will fit even XL hands. Regarding the action, the blade flicks open beautifully and locks up safely with no no blade play. As for the serrations, they come wickedly sharp out of the box, and are excellent for cutting through fabric or thick rubber.
    All in all, a great budget all-purpose folding knife.
    None at this price.

    Sep 28,2017

  • Joel
    Awsome little edc blade, does not look menacing, so I can carry and use it without people getting unconfortable.

    * shaving sharp out of the box
    * solid lockup, with no wiggle in any direction
    * so far keeps an edge well, chinese steel get way to harsch ratings.
    * overall nice design and good fit and finish
    * dirt cheap so I see no reason why not to get one.
    * was by my door within four weeks, to northern sweden.
    None so far, except that the box was a bit beat up.

    Nov 10,2015

  • Superb budget folder
    Victor V.
    -Excellent quality for the price
    -Fit and finish are very fine, and so are the steel and wooden scales.
    -While not as flashy as other Enlan wooden models, it's just as well-built and handy as any other. The linerlock holds the blade solidly in place.
    -I bought it as a spare knife for the car but I might carry it as a edc knife as well. I was really surprised by the quality and design.
    I don't really see the point of the 4 holes in one scale, but I might as well get used to them.

    Apr 26,2017

  • Jeff
    Enlan M011
    Very solid construction and liner lock locks very well.
    Handle coloring is very nice.
    Very appealing knife even for non-knife persons.
    Great size for EDC.
    Good weight considering the wood handle.
    Factory sharp out of the box.
    Action is great out of the box.
    Great sizing for medium to large hand, fits nicely.
    Right hand oriented thumb stud and pocket clip may be an issue for left handed persons.
    Handle doesn't have a texture due to it being wooden, but that's to be expected.

    Oct 16,2017

  • Romek
    Nice folder
    Awesome knife at the price point. The action on mine is somewhat stiff, but that can be fixed. Real wood grips are a plus, although, mine don’t have much figuring as I wouldn’t have expected from zebra wood. Also, a double sided tumb stud would be nice, but this one appears to be reversible. At any rate, mine still looks fantastic, and I’m tempted to order another.

    Sep 04,2018

  • Tim
    Enlan M011 Folding Knife
    First of all this is really good looking knife. 8cr13mov steel its good compromise between price and spec's. Amazing quality of build, and beautyfull looking wood are giving best expirience when you take it to hand. I am in love with this knife, not kidding. Great shape and small enough to fit in jeans pockets.
    The wood on edges of holes is little bit shreaded.

    Jan 24,2018

  • Janusz
    Szybka dostawa, fajnie zapakowane. Polecam gorąco! Fajnie wygląda i dobrze leży w ręce - reszta na filmiku i fotkach. Polecam gorąco
    Fast delivery, nicely packed. I recommend highly! It's nice - the rest of the photos and video.. Recommend.
    brak / no

    Jul 11,2018

  • igor sidorov
    Enlan M011 складной "малыш"
    складной нож Enlan M011 используется для альпинизма, походов, путешествий, домашнего использования и т. д.
    лезвие из стали С8Cr13Mov , более прочное,
    более удобное.
    деревянная рукоять оставляет комфортное ощущение.
    тип замка: лайнер лок
    длина в разложенном виде: 16.5 см
    длина зажима: 5,2 см
    Длина клинка: 7,5 см
    Ширина лезвия: 2.1 cm

    Jan 16,2019

  • InstaGeek
    Wood handle with no jimping and difficult to deploy at first unless filing down the handle at an angle near thumbstub. Time and lube is needed to break in for that prefered thumb deployment. Blade is sharp with no problems.:)

    Nov 13,2017

  • G*****v
    utility at its best
    What can I say about this knife.. it is sharp, not razor sharp, but still very sharp out of the box. Perfect for EDC. Wooden scales make it very pleasant to the eye. Extremely cheap. No blade play whatsoever.
    Is a little bit hard to open it with one hand. like there's no space for the thumb to engage the stud properly. But for this price it is negligible.

    Jun 02,2018