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  • Wayne Kyle
    Super simple to use and makes my nails feel nice and smooth,the polishes go on a little thick so I had to make sure I put each layer on super even and thin,that being said each layer of nail polish I put on left my nails feeling sticky and I could easily pick up finger prints and lint,the top coat however resolved all of this and left my nails feeling nice and smooth and like they were actually fully dry/cured,considering how cheap this product is and for how much is included it's a good kit

    Sep 26,2017

  • Jordan Oviedo
    I have done my toes twice and my fingernails about four times (I also let my roommate use it a few times),there are so many tools that I didn't know existed (beware the cuticle trimmer ...),i have gotten two full manicures out of the one color so far and expect that I will get at least another two if not more,the light works well,pushing it twice etc. as instructed but I will end up needing to run it at least three times per coat

    Oct 03,2017

  • Mindy S.
    Ever since I had my son I haven't been able to go to the salon and I can't paint my nails with regular polish since it takes way too long to dry,with this I am able to quickly do my nails and they are dry almost instantly once cured with the uv,other than that is a great product for a great price,i did much research before buying and i'm content with my purchase,* this was my first time ever doing my nails with gel *

    Nov 23,2017

  • Ryno
    No more $ $ flying out the door every other week as I waste a couple of hours of time,it's as pristine as the day I applied it,it's suggested that this application will last two weeks and it certainly seems likely,the procedure is actually easier than painting your nails with regular nail polish,i've got enough product for months of gel manicures

    Oct 10,2018

  • Jasso Medina
    llegaron bien empaquetados
    tardaron mucho en llegar pero fue por el método de envío disponible hacia México.

    secan bien y su acabado es de calidad por un precio de risa.

    los recomiendo mucho, volveré a comparar otros más porque a mi esposa le facinaron.

    Oct 08,2018

  • Aleks0700
    Elite9 6PCS
    A wonderful set of good gel-lacquer. Normal consistency. Bright, beautiful. Apply in 2 coats. It dries well under an LED lamp. I recommend to buy! The capacity of the vials corresponds.

    Mar 08,2018

  • Nikola
    Great items
    Exactly as it is shown on the pic, great size and nice packaging. Works exactly like it suppost to. Easy to apply and dry using the lamp quickly. The colors turn out exactly like shown.
    Came quickly -2 weeks

    Jan 10,2019

  • Bryan Thornhill
    The gel polish has been on for a week and it looks just as good as the first day,six small bottles of nail polish (different colors) and one full bottle of top coat,it also come with the led curing lamp and several nail cleaning and buffing tools,this is really a complete set

    Sep 16,2018

  • Alan Kaid
    I really love the kit - it's a great price for what you get,because it takes my nails forever to dry,and they sent me a new set of polish,i wash my hands constantly and nail polishes never last on me and gel manicures are to expensive.now I can do my own

    Nov 08,2017

  • Dutton Photography
    Very good value,i think with everything that's included it's a very good value -- it coats about this much to get my nails done in my area,i think i'll get other colors of polish because these don't seem all that remarkable,but still a great value

    Nov 18,2017