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  • Devin Fulmer
    This glass screen definitely is better then the rest not only does the metal frame make it more sturdy when it gets a crack in it you really have to look at it to see where it's at I literally pulled it off thinking the crack must be under the screen in the process like most of them are cracked more but when I put pushed it back down and you still can barely see the new cracks i made, End it took dropping it flat on its face on the concrete surface to get the hairline crack that you could barely see other products I have gotten would've completely smashed doing their job but making you have to buy another one right away this one I don't have to get another one right away

    Sep 09,2018

  • Muhammad Fadhil
    my screen protector film was scratched and not very clear, I ordered the OMOTON to replace the current screen protector, the screen cleaner, Since it was quite the process to put my old screen protector on -LRB- stressing about bubbles, not being able to align the screen protector properly -RRB- I was nervous about putting the new one on, just a beautiful clear screen that made the phone look brand new, I am so pleased ... AND it came with a second screen protector

    Sep 26,2018

  • Hugo Armando
    todo bien , buen producto
    La mica llego en muy buen estado , ya había comprado anteriormente este producto y es de muy buena calidad... no he tenido problemas con el y gracias a que incluye el marco en la misma mica de cristal , ya puesta el teléfono aparenta como si no tuviese puesta ninguna mica por lo cual protege sin dañar la apariencia del teléfono.

    Nov 19,2018

  • Prince Ehima
    they are far less likely to have bubbles, For bigger screens I apply them in a steamed up bathroom to keep floating dust down, the customer service is good -- they sent me an e-mail with a link to their YouTube video that describes the application process, and the quality seems good

    Sep 04,2018

  • I'm old ok.
    Great quality product and super easy instructions, I normally dread replacing my iPhone screen protector because it is impossible to get it installed perfectly, The instructions for this product are very simple and easy to follow and I got a perfect result the first time

    Sep 21,2018

  • Charlie Kohn
    the little piece of cloth to clean, and the instructions very well explained in a better way than other protection glasses I bougth before, the installation method it is novel since it will help very well to set the protective glass in its place without margin of error

    Aug 31,2018

  • Zilla
    The screen protector fit great and had everything included I needed, to first clean the screen, great instructions to explain how to get it on straight, I just thought it was an easy thorough well explained product and hopefully will protect the screen very well

    Oct 19,2018

  • Frank cempa
    The view through the screen is really clear, I have never been able to put on a screen protector so easily, In my opinion the protector is not too thick as to make it feel weird when using your home button, Great screen protector, very happy with my purchase

    Sep 13,2018

  • tyler carroll
    The instructions were clear, and the included wipes and stickers made it super easy to get the protector on without any troubles like bubbles or fingerprints on the sticky side, there's a second protector and set of materials included so it's all good

    Aug 24,2018

  • james bennette
    I was worried that I may have gone too cheap with this purchase, This is the best screen protector kit I have ever used, a dry cloth and a sticky paper to be absolutely sure that there is no dust remaining on the screen before application of the protector

    Sep 26,2018