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  • geepondy
    Igen (0) Szín: Gray
    This fitness tracker is definitely a cute, i've had it for a week and I'm likely going to return for something of higher quality, the touch screen kinda works when it wants to - the entire screen is not touch activated only a small area, maybe half battery, the app also allows you to sync an alarm with the wristband a jolting vibration on your wrist that is terrifying enough to wake you up in the morning and was amusingly documented on the Heart rate monitor and a sedentary reminder also a vibration, it's a cute `` smart'' watch that vibrates if you have an incoming call or a message you can allow it to remind you of texts

    Sep 26,2018

  • Edson da Silva Oliveira Rosa
    Igen (2) Szín: Blueberry Blue
    smartwatch excelente atende o que ele diz, facil acesso.
    smartwatch apresenta funcionalidades que atendem as necessidades, recebe mensagens de app, ligações. o design é Simplesmente lindo, pulseira em silicone, tudo que estava na descrição bate com o smartwatch a respeito da entrega chegou antes do prazo. Desvantagens ainda não encontrei. recomendo para quem deseja comprar um produto de qualidade e baixo preço.

    Jan 09,2019

  • Julio Rios
    Igen (0) Szín: Blueberry Blue
    This is the smart watch I've been waiting for, it was just too much for a tiny screen on my wrist and don't get me started on my dad's insistence on answering calls on his watch rather than pulling his phone out of his pocket, strikes the perfect balance for me ; it's got a heart rate monitor and basic sleep tracking and lets me know who is texting or calling

    Oct 21,2018

  • Lebowski
    Igen (0) Szín: Blueberry Blue
    I wanted to have a smart watch which would not hinder my activities, I wanted a smart watch with heart rate monitor and pedometer, but I wanted something with long battery life and didn't want to change every night, the battery is fabulous, I use continuous heart rate monitoring only when I'm doing any kind of activity

    Oct 20,2018

  • Kayexalate
    Igen (0) Szín: Gray
    I bought it to use as a fitness tracker but honestly my favorite feature has turned out to be that I can read texts on it and receive phone call notifications, I feel like the heart rate monitor is actually pretty accurate

    Oct 14,2018

  • unclefun
    Igen (0) Szín: Blueberry Blue
    The motion pattern data of this bracelet is very accurate, I am very satisfied.This watch not only looks nice, but it offers a lot of great functions too!Excellent smart watch for this price

    Oct 30,2018

  • Johnny
    Igen (0) Szín: Red
    D6 Pro
    Good quality heart rate monitor and BP working fine. Beautiful screen and strip. Overall excellent watch.

    Dec 01,2018

  • Massimo
    Igen (0) Szín: Red
    Funziona bene
    Ho acquistato questo prodotto per tenere sotto controllo la pressione del sangue e devo dire che funziona egregiamente.

    Jan 11,2019

  • Lasha
    Igen (0) Szín: Blueberry Blue
    For the price it's great, I like the long battery life and the fact that it's waterproof, if you don't need a heart rate monitor this is a great tracker

    Dec 12,2018

  • Jack Hoyt
    Igen (0) Szín: Gray
    For the price it's great, I like the long battery life and the fact that it's waterproof, if you don't need a heart rate monitor this is a great tracker

    Oct 22,2018