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  • Donald Leary
    They are LED bulbs but with a look very similar to classic Edison bulbs -- how cool is that, they have a dimmable feature that makes the bulbs grow warmer a reduction in color temperature as you dim the bulb and that is really nice if you're using them in a bedroom or a hallway where you want a warmer/cozier look, I had been looking around for some interesting bulbs to use in a series of three old-fashioned looking clear-glass fixtures that I'm having hung in my kitchen as soon as the ceiling is finished and what I wanted were Edison-type bulbs, but I wanted to be able to dim then and warm up the kitchen when I was still awake but not really using the kitchen

    Dec 12,2018

  • Chrystal
    Work great in an existing fixture over our kitchen sink, instead of the power hungry and hot halogens we hade before these new LED lights are similar brightness but cooler and more environmentally friendly, we did try same bulbs in an over cooktop vent hood that uses dimmer control and it doesn't work with LED lights, in our experience this is no issue with the bulb but rather the dimming control on our rather old vent hood what happens is the light flickers when not full brightness

    Nov 10,2018

  • Danny Piper
    This slim LED bulb is about the same size as a standard incandescent bulb, two of these fit perfectly into an enclosed ceiling fixture, they produce a decent amount of light for a small room and the dimming feature works well, to go one step higher to match the light output of the old ones would almost match the power usage as well, I guess it's better to look at the lumens rating for light output, as opposed to their proposed wattage replacement in terms of an incandescent bulb

    Nov 06,2018

  • erex
    Nice LED lighting compliments our newly painted kitchen and upgraded stainless stove, this bulb can only be used on the brighter setting, the lower setting will flicker and is bothersome, the brighter setting isn't so bright that there is a want for a dimmer setting, overall we are happy with this bulb upgrade and is so much better than the yellow dimmer light bulb that is standard with your over-the-range microwave

    Dec 12,2018

  • Jrabb
    These bulbs are definitely bright and efficient, than the other LED bulbs we've tried that purport to have the same illumination level, which isn't not compatible with some of our lamp shades, the labels also discourage putting these bulb in a full-enclosed fixture e.g. recessed lights with a globe or cover-pane, I definitely like how much more durable these bulbs are in closets

    Nov 02,2018

  • Shari Black
    I had always thought that LED light bulbs were very expensive, so I wasn't expecting much from a bulb that is less than ten bucks, but the light quality is excellent and it has very even coverage, so when I accidentally pulled my entire lamp off the nightstand this bulb wasn't damaged at all

    Nov 16,2018

  • Coyne
    This light bulb is funky man, the ironic thing is I bought it cause the light bulb I had in the lamp rolled off the table when I had it out of the fixture adjusting the shade, so I order this replacement and its flat

    Nov 24,2018

  • DemonLee
    I believe these bulbs will last longer and work better since they are LED bulbs, the bulb is brighter than the incandescent bulb it replaces, the only odd thing about this dimmable bulb is when you turn it off

    Nov 21,2018

  • Steve Boles
    These are the first LED bulbs that don't hum in my fixture controlled by an older dimming switch, the warm glow is a nice feature, but as with most LED bulbs, these don't dim as much as an incondescent bulb

    Oct 30,2018

  • Jay May
    They may very well be a softer white light, a different way to describe their light, would be to call the light `` diffused'' where the individual LED squares can not be detected inside the bulb

    Dec 15,2018