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  • Francesco
    Great object and great purchase
    The product arrived on scandal and in excellent condition. Perfectly working! The description on the website is true. Inside the Box There is:1) The Black and Green modular clock Is shown In The Picture On The Site2) entirely black spare strap3) charging Cable4) Manual multi language of instruction sExcellent pedometer and heart rate. Excellent audio for the reception Of course and convenient to activate the Call via The Movement of the Wrist (if you want). Otherwise it is sufficient to move the image of the receiver (Green) to the right to Accept The Call; while to reject the call Simply Move the image of the receiver (Red) to the left. A cute object to use everyday especially doing works or workouts

    Aug 27,2018

  • Jennifer Hathaway
    The heart rate monitor is really helpful for me which is why I went with this model, I saw someone else wearing it who showed me the extra features and since I do not normally wear a watch most folks don't know it is a fitbit at first look, one thing I recommend for any of the fit bits is to go into settings and choose your own step goal, set your own goal and you may be much happier with the product long term

    Jul 10,1985

  • Darrell G. Wehlmann
    This is the smart watch I've been waiting for, it was just too much for a tiny screen on my wrist and don't get me started on my dad's insistence on answering calls on his watch rather than pulling his phone out of his pocket, strikes the perfect balance for me ; it's got a heart rate monitor and basic sleep tracking and lets me know who is texting or calling

    Aug 29,1971

  • sfwriter
    I love it This fithess tracker is multi functionaI and works great ! It also works as a watch and an alarm It vibrates when when I get notifi cations on my phone and many other functions ! Light weight so it moni tors your sleep and it doesn t botner me The watch is running normally Heart rate seems to be accurate Great

    Sep 07,2013

  • HMama
    I wanted to have a smart watch which would not hinder my activities, I wanted a smart watch with heart rate monitor and pedometer, but I wanted something with long battery life and didn't want to change every night, the battery is fabulous, I use continuous heart rate monitoring only when I'm doing any kind of activity

    May 10,1998

  • Shar
    For anyone who is trying to decide if they should go with a more expensive product or smart watch - if you want to try it out to see if you like it, this is the perfect product for you, I have really enjoyed its accurate sleep measurement

    Feb 09,2000

  • D. Compton
    I was looking for something to replace my other fitness watch that I only used when I worked out it has a separate heart rate monitor, the phone app is nice and it will sync up with myfitness pal as well

    Feb 13,2006

  • Angelito Uy
    The best of both worlds : Watch and inconspicuous and non-demanding smart heart rate HR tracker with notifications in one

    Aug 30,2014

  • Johnny
    Great smartwatch. Fast delivery.

    Oct 14,2018

  • jjosumo
    está bien.
    -Se ven muy bien los números.-es fácil de configurar.-es normal,sin más.
    no tiene nada especial.

    May 19,2018