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  • Herman Seldon
    Easy to recommend this.
    AMAZING. Easy to recommend this to casual or power user who wants superb performance right out of the box. This baby is future proof. Takes care of multitasking, gaming, films, anything. This U65GT is a revelation! 9.7" Screen is superb, performance is spot on and responsiveness is out of this world. Buy it and you won't be disappointed. DAMN!
    None found

    Oct 08,2014

  • Frances Mayers
    Phenomenal price and performance
    A powerhouse in every sense of the word. This is sublimely fast from the moment you power it on. Really handles and FEELS like a premium brand product but obviously without the crazy price tag. This Octa Core monster is crazy powerful. Handles all my multimedia like it's nothing and just zooms along like nobody's business. Really loving this!
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    Oct 17,2014

  • Vern Shultis
    The last phablet you'll ever buy
    After owning and using the Cube U65GT for more than 1 month, I have to say that I love it so much. Very reasonable price for the high level hardware inside. Very very fast but EASY to use. Big screen that resolves spectacular detail and has really vibrant colors. I would recommend this smartphone to others in a heartbeat.
    Hard to find anything to criticize. Maybe not everyone will need so much power? I guess this kind of product is designed to be used for years with futureproofing. If so, should be okay for almost anyone.

    Jun 28,2014

  • Bart
    Excellent tablet
    Great tablet
    gorgeous screen
    Excellent built quality
    All in one connectivity, including 3G
    Over the air update
    Fast shipping time

    Overall excellent tablet. Worth to buy and enjoy it!
    None at all

    Jun 19,2015

  • bondalex24
    Cube U65GT
    Хороший планшет , железный корпус,быстрая доставка,упакован хорошо,есть зарядное и переходник на евро розетки,все на высшем уровне

    Nov 07,2015

    Один из лучших планшетовю Жаль что сейчас его не выпускают. пользовался кешбеком вернул часть денег после регистрации здесь https://letyshops.ru/soc/sh-1/?r=378301

    Oct 09,2016

  • Webioz
    Good product
    * nice quality for products.. feels premium
    * works ok
    * 29000 antutu score
    * feels quite good at touching
    * feels fluid
    * Google Chrome doesn't work
    * has some Chinese application preinstalled but you can uninstall them

    Nov 25,2014

  • Webioz
    One of the best tablet
    * It works very fluid
    * great screen
    * great price for the quality
    * very good battery

    Jan 27,2015

  • Viorel
    отличный планшет...
    Хороший планшет , железный корпус, быстрая доставка, упакован хорошо, все на высшем уровне.

    Nov 23,2015

  • Sergey
    Всегда актуален
    не смотря на то, что этот планшет 2014 года, популярным он остаётся и сегодня. Хороший экран и камера. Стильный дизайн
    Нет поддержки форматов воспроизведения 4К.
    Нет отдельного гнезда для зарядки.

    Jan 11,2016