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  • Sonny
    I received this printer for about one week ago, it was well packed and noting is missing, I have had a ago for a while and I would say it works very quiet and well, especially its cooling fan and its automatic leveling function are the best plus for me, Upgraded firmware is also easy to use, so I would recommend it to you anyways.

    Dec 18,2020

  • HU6H3S
    Good to use
    Actually I bought this printer for not long time , because I need a good a 3d printer in my office, I was looking for a great printer, After research for a while I decide to choose this printer just because the positive review on this site, when it came, I found it works exactly as same as described and reviewed. Good

    Dec 04,2020

  • Belldina
    Great choice on 3d printer
    If you are looking for a good starter 3D printer this is a good one. So let me just say I am no printer expert and I am beyond horrible with electronics but found this to be a stright forward machine. For me, its auto leveling function is a good bonus, I don’t have to concentrate on the leveling, only on the printing.

    Dec 15,2020

  • Nicole
    Much better
    This printer is much better than I expected

    Dec 31,2020

  • Paul
    Attractive deal
    It is really a attractive product for me

    Jan 10,2021

  • Richards
    The printer I love
    Great 3d printer with enormous upgrade

    Nov 07,2020

  • Adam
    Top deal and highly recommended

    Dec 02,2020

  • V Naccarato
    5 thumb up
    5 STAR Product I really like

    Nov 15,2020