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  • First side lock knife
    Great materials + simple elegant design
    This looks like a LAND 9103, but D2 steel, a Titanium handle and a side lock. The locking mechanism is made by millingh the inside of the handle, so part of the handle pops in when the knife is opened.
    As best as I can tell the knife uses D2 steel and titaniumn, the blade is similar to another D2 steel knife I have and the handle is lightweight and non magnetic.
    It is a simple and elegant design, made using excellent materials. The blade is sharp enough to shave with and there is negligible blade wobble.
    Despite the opening pillar on the blade, its almost impossible top open one handed. But the blade is very solid once opened, so I'm happy to open it 2 handed. The handle's grey finish is painted on and is not hard wearing. But its titanium, so I'm not worried about seeing the metal.
    The only thing I don't like very much is the clip. It is secured by a single screw and clip rotates a little when holding the knife firmly.
    The only things I would change to the design is the clip, perhaps increase the handle lenght by a few mm (the very sharp blade point is very close to the end of the handle) and possibly use blue screws to match the pillars.

    Dec 10,2018