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G1W-CB Teljes Fekete 2,7 hüvelykes 1080P Full HD autós DVR
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G1W-CB Teljes Fekete 2,7 hüvelykes 1080P Full HD autós DVR

- Fekete 132992601

4x digitális zoom videofelvevő 12.0MP felbontás 120 fokos széles látószögű objektív
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Ensure Driving Safety and Record Unforgettable Scenery on the Way
First thing you might know is that the G1W - CB is the latest version of G1W-C Dashcam and has the same high performance with the previous ones. Az egyetlen különbség az, hogy a lencsék gyűrűje ezüsttől teljesen fekete színűvé válik a G1W-C-hez képest, és elegánsabbnak tűnik.

As we all know, as more and more people own their cars and prefer to self-driving travel, a reliable and affordable Car DVR seems to be a necessity for them. Here we highly recommend G1W-C 2.7 inch 1080P Full HD Car DVR, confidently say that it just fits all your expectations! Innovative 120 degrees ultra-wide angle lens make it convenient for you to capture and record more beautiful unforgettable scenery. Unique HDMI provides 5Gbps data transfer brandwidth, transmitting audio signals without compression and high definition video signals easily. In addition, loop-cycle recording enables it to automatically cover the earlier segment so that you need not face the trouble of manually removed.

G1W-CB 2.7 inch 1080P car DVR will effectively record every detail during driving way, which provides both the video and pictures evidence that help you identify the responsibility of traffic accident. Experience the entertainment of self-driving travelling way and record every unforgettable scenery with this innovative Car DVR right now! Its amazing and powerful features is waiting for your witness!
G1W-CB Teljes Fekete 2,7 hüvelykes 1080P Full HD autós DVR- Fekete
Főbb jellemzők:
2.7 inch LCD screen, 1080P FULL HD video
Novatek 96650 chipset
12.0MP image resolution
120-degree wide angle lens
30/60 frames per second for smooth video flow
Powerful document protection, even in the recording process, the occurrence of sudden power outages, machine damage, etc., video will be intact
Support HDMI output, AV-OUT(mini USB interface)
Seamless loop-cycle recording function
Automatic circulating video recording in driving
Support TF card extension up to 32G (not included)
This G1W-C use capacitor instead of battery, it is much safer
Input voltage: 8 - 24V
Output voltage: 5V
Static pixel: 1200W
Dynamic pixel: 300W

Advice customers to buy the C10 speed above original TF card ( 16G or 32G is the best ). If the card speed or the storage is too low, it will be easy to lead to crash
Advice customers to turn off motion detection function when the car is running



Modell: G1W-CB
típus: Teljes HD Dashcam,HD autós DVR felvevő
A chipkészlet neve: Novatek
chipset: Novatek 96650
Képérzékelő: CMOS
Funkció: HDMI kimenet,Mozgásérzékelés,WDR


Maximális külső kártya támogatott: TF 32G (nem tartozék)
Osztály osztályozási követelmények: 6. vagy magasabb osztály


Kijelzo méret: 2.7inch
Képernyő típusa: LCD


elemtípus: Biztonságos kondenzátor
Akkumulátor kapacitása (mAh): 15F
Töltse fel: Autó töltő
Munkaidő: Folyamatos munka
Működési feszültség: 3.7V

Elsődleges információ.

Nagylátószögű: 120 fokos széles látószög
Objektív mérete: 14mm

Videó / kép / hang

Decode formátum: H.264
Videó formátum: MOV
Videó felbontás: 1080P (1920 x 1080),720P (1280 x 720),848 x 480
Video rendszer: NTSC,HAVER
Videó képsebesség: 30fps
Videó kimenet: AV-Out,HDMI
Képformátum: JPG
Képfelbontás: 12M (4032 x 3024)
Hangrendszer: Beépített mikrofon / speacker (AAC)


Vízálló: Nem
Vízálló minősítés: 0
Mozgásérzékelés: Igen
Mozgásérzékelési távolság: 1.5m
Éjszakai látás: Nem
Éjjellátó távolság: 0
GPS: Nem
HDMI kimenet: Igen
WDR: Igen
Interfész típusa: Mini USB
Anti-shake: Nem
Nyelv: angol,Francia,olasz,portugál,Egyszerűsített kínai,Tradicionális kínai
Parkolásfigyelés: Nem


Frekvencia: 50Hz,60Hz
Működési hőmérséklet.: 0 - 65 ° C
Tápkábel hossza: 3.5m

Méret / Súly

A termék súlya: 0,0670 kg
A csomag súlya: 0,3300 kg
Termék mérete (L x Sz x Ma): 11,50 x 4,50 x 3,50 cm / 4,53 x 1,77 x 1,38 hüvelyk
A csomag mérete (H x Sz x M): 17,00 x 15,00 x 10,00 cm / 6,69 x 5,91 x 3,94 cm

Csomag tartalma

Csomag tartalma: 1 x autós DVR felvevő, 1 x autós töltő, 1 x konzol, 1 x USB kábel, 1 x angol felhasználói kézikönyv

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  • Nikolay
    Uses A Capacitor As Its Power Source - No Batteries Required.
    he G1W is widely regarded as the best dashboard camera, in terms of cost versus features, by camera users and reviewers alike. If you are not familiar with the key features and specs of the G1W, i’ll give you a brief rundown: the G1W gives you astounding 1080p video quality, audio and visual recording capability, an accessible 2.7” screen for immediate playback and viewing, and up to 32GB in storage. Best of all, it gives you all these features and more for a startlingly low price tag that comes out to less than 60$. While the G1W-CB packs all of the G1W’s recording power and impressive price point, it distinguishes itself by employing a capacitor instead of a battery.Until the release of the G1W-CB, capacitor powered dash cams had been a unique selling point of a few, high-end Korean cameras, and for good reason. By using a capacitor as its power source, the G1W-CB bypasses many persistent dashcam problems that are inherent to battery use. Battery life notably degrades over time, with mere months of use shortening battery life by considerable amounts. More importantly, batteries are often the first component of a dashboard camera to fail, requiring relatively costly or time consuming repairs.

    May 13,2016

  • Lucas
    G1W-CB is good choose
    - General look and build is fine - Small size
    - Easy to use
    - Video quality
    - The picture is quite smooth, without ghosting
    - Lock video in easy way - Simple change day\night mode with one button
    - 60 FPS (but only in 720p, for me better is 1080p and 30 FPS)
    - Long power cabel (in my case could be a little longer)
    - Allowed to choose cycled recording
    - Possible to change the length of single video
    - Video format (32GB can stored about 340 min of video, 3 min has 288 MB)

    Because small part of bracket was broken (and additionaly was falling) I have reported it to Gearbest who refund me some money, I bought another bracket myself and everything is ok. Big plus for Gearbest. In general I am satisfy of this camera and I can recommended this item. Because picture tell more then words, please look at attached photos and video. I can only add here one video but who will be interested, on the youtube account is more records in different conditions, also unpacking video. All videos are in 1080p and default settings.
    - In my case bracket drop down after few seconds (also without camera)
    - Buttons looks a little cheap (but works fine)
    - When I turn on the power (without engine) then camera also turn on, and afterwards when I start engine then camera turn off and I have to manually turn on it, not user friendly (similar like radio, but in this case radio turn on again automaticly). If I start engine in one move of key then everything is fine.
    - Personally I do not see any difference between day and night mode

    On the memory card I have few files which are broken. Card is new but I can not be sure in this moment if it is issue with card or with camera. I just checked again last 40 files, all are fine.

    Jan 01,2018

  • Qtips
    G1W-CB Black Review
    Awesome product. Angle is extremely good. Easy to use and I love the option of the screen saver. The least time available for the screen saver to kick in is 3 minutes. I find this very helpful as it takes away the distraction of trying to persuade you to look at the camera display instead of focusing on the road which you are supposed to! Cigarette lighter plug cord is long enough to run up the windshield edge, around the side coming down towards the driver's side edge seals and running it across under the dash towards the cigarette plug. I used a Kingston 32GB (class 10) micro SDcard and it worked with no issues at all. Highly recommended product if you don't want to spend too much $$ on a daily driving cam. This should be able to fit your bill for many years to come! Thank you GearBest for carrying an excellent product and speedy delivery (about 10 days delivering to Ontario, Canada).
    I find the focus is kinda off (hard to see license plates even on a bright sunny day). Haven't really tried night time recording. Hope it's ok.

    Jul 07,2015

    классный регистратор за свои деньги
    Ребята за эти деньги регик просто великолепен. Выглядит очень даже не плохо, микрофон пишет хорошо, но как и у всех регистраторов этого сигмента кнопки люфтят, и микрофон пишет от них треск, но разобрать слова на записи можно. Порадовало наличие русского языка. Порадовала запись в 1080 с полноценными 30 кадрами и 60 кадрами в 720. Хороший фокус 2.0 за счёт которого запись ночью довольно не плохого качества, а подсветка из обычных диодов конечно шлак. Карты памяти в комплекте нет, и необходимо купить хорошую 10 класса чтобы фул hd писал без проблем, на записи номера читаются знаки видно. Все вообщем отлично есть косяки их рассписал в минусах) Кстати есть g сенсор (отключаемый), при срабатывании которого видео файл который пишится помечается от перезаписи и будет всегда на флешке, пока в ручную не удалите или не отформатируете флэшку.
    Значит про косяки, по сути он пишет в двух режимах, при подаче питания регик включается и начинается запись, и второй при наличии движения в кадре. Вот второй это шляпа записывает он не по 1,3,5 минуты как указано в настройках а по неизведомой причине по минуте а некоторые ролики по 10 секунд, второй прикол с этим режимом, когда ты едешь в городе и движения в кадре много то все хорошо, запись с небольшими паузами, как в режиме постоянной записи (где-то в пол секунды) а когда несешся по трассе ему надо время чтобы понять что мелькающие кусты или фура на встречной и есть движение, и вот тут между роликами может быть не записанный промежуток иногда секунд по 10, за которые очень много может произойти.... Второе что очень не порадовало, это батарея, ее нет, точнее она есть но от нее он работает секунд 15 и выключается, т.е. питание только от прикуривателя. Вообщем этот регик хорошо пишет и данные минусы только от того что натолкали в него не рабочие функции, его можно было сделать без батареии и только с записью при подаче питания))

    Jul 27,2017

  • Lubomir
    G1W - CB 1080P Full HD Car DVR - gearbest
    Kamera prišla z číny v výbornom stave – je dobre zabalená, kvalitný obal
    V balení je USB kábel, nabíjačka do auta, návod, držiak na sklo, kamera
    V aute kamera pracuje správne – všetko som skontroloval – nemám pripomienky
    Kvalita záznamu nie je až taká dobrá. 720 nie je ostrá – trochu rozmazaná. 1080 je dobrá ostrá kvalita videa. Záznam zvuku je Ok – nešumí. Z nákupom som spokojný

    The camera came from China in excellent condition - it is a well packed, quality packaging
    The package includes USB cable, car charger, manual, glass holder, camera
    The camera is working properly - everything I checked - I have no comments
    Record quality is not that good. The 720 is not sharp - a little blurry. 1080 is a good video quality. Sound recording is OK - it does not sound. I'm happy with the purchases
    only - low kvality of 720 video

    Jun 14,2017

  • Ed
    It's hard to beat a classic: A great camera for a great price!
    I've owned this camera for about a year and a half now, and here are some good things about the camera:
    - Clear image during the day (with lots of settings for resolution/frame rate, exposure, etc.)
    - Provision for having date/time/license plate stamped on the video.
    - Easy mounting/dismounting. I swap it between my summer and winter cars easily.
    - Long power cable. I have the cable routed along my windshield headliner, over the driver door, down the B-pillar, under the driver seat, and then into the cigarette lighter.
    - Capacitor (instead of battery) ensures it still works when exposed to high temperatures.
    And now for the not-so-good things about the camera:
    - So-so night quality. License plates are unreadable most of the time due to glare from headlights. Street signs are OK, though.
    - Audio quality is spotty. There is a persistent popping/rattling sound on the audio track.
    - The LCD cover (i.e. the hard plastic panel that covers the screen) fell off due to high heat.
    - Probably also due to high heat, the top of the frame is starting to deform a bit. Not enough to affect recording performance, but you may need to adjust the mount from time to time.

    Even with these little issues/quirks, it's still a good camera and would recommend it for the price.

    Jul 26,2017

  • drzewkor
    G1W - CB 2.7 inch 1080P Full HD Car DVR
    The quality of this gadget is at the highest level! This small, compact, easy-to-use equipment fulfills all of its tasks. Perfectly records the situation on the road. It is perfect in its simplicity. It is simply sensational! Despite its small dimensions, it perfectly fulfills its task. It works great. Bought for a gift but he landed in my car and rides with me until today. I am very happy with the purchase. This is my next, hit purchase in this store. As always, I recommend the @Gearbest store!
    no defects

    Dec 30,2017

  • Sam
    - Morning video was very satisfying to see.
    - All the functions are easily understandable.
    - The cable for car charger is quite long, easier for me to place the cable and keep it hidden.
    - When in not-moving situation, all the plate license can be seen perfectly.
    - Good suction mount. Fit perfectly even in bumpy road
    - Perfect colour of the DVR

    Overall, I'm quite satisfied with this product considering it budget price.
    - I am really upset on the picture captured using this DVR (not much bother me because it's not the main function).
    - Useless night mode, it's just let the flash to be switched on without night video quality getting better (a lot of noise).
    - To transfer the video to phone (IOS user) is quite hard, unless you connect it to PC.
    - Sound output using the DVR is poor (but still, I'm not bother because you can review it back in your PC).

    Feb 06,2017

  • Pavel
    Отличный регистратор за приятную цену, стоит своих денег на 100%
    - пишет видео в реальных 1920х1080 30fps
    - сенсор Aptina AR0330, очень хороша картинка и оптика, по краям не мылит
    - конденсатор вместо батареи повышает безопасность использования
    - нет паузы между видео, делает перекрытие на несколько секунд
    - есть G-сенсор, позволяет защитить файл в случае ДТП
    - большой экран хорошего качества
    - угол обзора 120-140 град.
    - видео в формате .MOV
    - чипсет Novatek 96650
    - выход HDMI
    - крепление и дата-кабель в комплекте
    - длина кабеля питания 3.5-4 метра
    - против света темноватая картинка, но возможно это исправит изменение экспозиции или отключение режима WDR

    Feb 14,2016

  • Федор
    Видеорегистратор G1W-CB
    Отличный видерегистратор. Самое главное из-за чего я его покупал - это отсутствие встроенного литиевого аккумулятора, и как следствие, проблем возникающих с ним. Например перегрев на солнце на лобовом стекле (ну, и соответственно "нехороших" последствий), Всё равно все подключают свои регистраторы к внешнему питанию независимо есть батарея или нет... Качество записи вполне устраивает, ну и цена "вкусная". В меню есть выбор русского языка - что очень даже хорошо :)). Так, что - рекомендую!
    Практически нет. А учитывая цену, можно сказать, что нет совсем.

    Sep 21,2017

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