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  • Olli
    Witziges Gadget
    Ich habe mir dieses Gagdet Just for Fun mitbestellt und bin begeistert. Klar sagt meine Family - Du spinnst :-)
    Die Farben sind sehr schön und kräftig.
    Es tut was es soll.
    Es funktioniert auch im DUNKLEN RAUM - man braucht also KEIN LICHT anmachen damit es funktioniert.
    Es sind zwar für viele Leute "Dinge die die Welt nicht braucht" - aber ich finde es auf jeden Fall sehr gut.
    Handhabung sehr einfach: 3 AAA Batterien einlegen (diese sind nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten), den Arm (dieser ist flexibel) einstellen, das er auf den Rand passt, das wars eigentlich schon. Sobald man den Raum betritt fängt es an zu leuchten. Ich habe es auf Farbwechsel eingestellt, soll wohl auch möglich sein es auf eine Farbe zu fixieren, habe ich aber nicht getestet, weil ich gerade den Farbwechsel gut finde.

    Jan 14,2017

  • Jessie
    Good Price for PIR sensor
    I've bought this for me to satisfy my curiosity.
    This model has a sensor that itself cost almost the price of this product. And it came with a little screwdriver, but without battery.
    Sincerely I don't know the efficiency of the UV LED for killing bacteria. But it is OK for this price, and RGB LED is nice.
    The bad side is the price of batteries, I have to install an AC adapter on it for permanent use. Also I might use it as start control of a secondary LED lamp at the mirror of the bathroom.

    Oct 04,2019

  • Damiao Soares
    BRELONG Motion Activated LED Closestool Night Light UV Sterilization
    Very interesting article, useful and beautiful, creates a great atmosphere in the bathroom, kids love it and at night I do not even need to turn on the lights, very cute, I really love it.

    Artigo muito interessante, util e bonito, cria um excelente clima na casa de banho, os miudos adoram e de noite nem preciso de acender as luzes, muito giro, adorei mesmo.
    Nothing special

    Feb 05,2018

  • Matija
    My most favorite item
    The product is the best for the range of price, it arrived well packed. It works perfectly out of the box, ready to work. Surely 100% would buy again on GearBest
    It's fast, all works well, a lot of more options. Feels good in my hand. + Well designed. + Good bright + Balanced performance for its price. Really good product for this amazing price ! Recommended!!

    Jun 14,2017

  • Eduardo
    Excellent product, a helpful home assistant. I bought it because of the UV sterilizer, but it also has the function of night navigation light. I'm curious as long as the flashlights last. In the manual he writes that 1.5v batteries are to be used, but it also works with 1.2V rechargeable.
    None. I do not know how long the batteries last.

    Apr 05,2018

  • Val
    Led closestool
    On a flash for $4.99 it is possible to buy. It is interesting to use at the beginning, and then you need to carefully monitor the gadget so it does not get obsolete)) UV sterilization.
    For the beauty of light, you need to keep the lid open, which is not aesthetically pleasing))

    Jan 16,2018

  • sharon
    Toilet night light
    I'll be honest and say that every home with kids or even the elderly should have one of these toilet lights. The lights come on and change color as soon as it senses you and the lights are bright so no need to disturb the household and switch the lights on. My seven year old said he loves the toilet light. You must buy this!

    May 30,2017

  • Eduardo
    BRELONG PIR LED Closestool Light
    These goods I chose for its good use on the toilet, it was at a good price, the same goods I did not see on the market. I recommend.
    Too sensitive motion sensor. But otherwise, fine.

    May 23,2018

  • Alexandr
    BRELONG Motion Activated LED Closestool Night Light UV Sterilization
    Штука на вид прикольная, и в туалете не плохо подсвечивает. В целом не промахнёшься ночью :) Есть УФ лама, вроде как для обеззараживания, но польза её честно говоря мне сомнительна. Она светит маленьким узеньким пучком в одно место. Потому не знаю что она там может реально обеззаразить :)
    Боюсь за крышечку, там хоть и есть резинка, но очень уж она маленькая, а если влага попадёт к батарейкам приятного будет мало :(

    Dec 06,2017

  • Boris Gergels
    original but useful add for the house
    - Easy to use, clean and install
    - You don't need to switch a strong lamp when you go to bed at night
    - UV sterilisation

    Jun 21,2017