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  • R. A.
    This LED light string is perfect for holiday lights both indoor and outdoor since they are waterproof, these LED lights are attached to thin insulated copper wire which is completely flexible allowing them to be bent into different shapes, these LED lights are easier to work with and are less fragile than traditional mini incandescent light strings, with these LED lights you do not need to worry about light bulbs burning out or a loose/crushed bulb affecting the whole string of lights

    Oct 01,2017

  • Montekat
    They're just the right temperature -- not that ugly bluish color or a dingy yellow color, so they're perfect ambient lighting for nighttime when I'm done studying and am winding down but not quite ready to go to sleep, but I think the different modes of flashing are a bit over-the-top, i'm very happy with these -- they're just what I needed to pull my whole room together

    Jun 29,2018

  • Charli007
    I was looking for warm golden string lights and these had great reviews, at full brightness these are almost blinding white, after playing around with the settings on the remote control I was able to get them to a good warm glow, if you want very bright warm lights these will not work for you as they have to be dimmed A LOT to get to a warm hue

    Dec 10,2017

  • Monica Willadsen
    The bulbs are small, I use the lights for patio lighting and the wire that the lights are attached to was really easy to put up and secure on my covered patio, you can make them flash and blink for a more festive look if desired, these little strings of lights have exceeded my expectations

    Oct 09,2017

  • Teddy Foster
    I have one inside a glass vase and it looks amazing at night, the multiple patterns are fun to play with but each remote operates both light strings if they are close together which wasn't an issue for me buy can cause some unexpected results if you wish them to behave differently

    Jul 31,2017

  • skyrunr
    Great lights worked fantastic although I underestimated the amount I needed to wrap around the rail of my deck by a lot - my fault, they lights are connected to a thin copper wire that is nice and pliable in order to handle easily wrapping around things and being bent

    Jul 31,2018

  • seashore6
    I was skeptical when I opened the box and saw a tiny coil of wire with even tinier lights dotted throughout it, which was a big deal for my husband who did not appreciate the green strand of white Christmas lights I had previously had up, love these new lights !!

    Oct 10,2017

  • Bob Uncle
    They are well worth the money and packaged in a decorative box, you get a remote control that gives you many different effects including bright, the remote is a great added value and to have it do so much is amazing, I am so happy with this product

    Nov 09,2017

  • Mia
    They give my room the extra lighting that I hoped for and they add a nice touch as well, I love that they're remote controlled and you can control the brightness and several different patterns for flashing lights

    Mar 16,2018

  • Grant Stewart
    I love the different settings and It gives enough light to light a small room really well, best lights, if you have a kid that is scared of the dark these give a nice glow on the lowest setting

    Sep 29,2017