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  • Lyndon
    Pleasantly suprised
    In order to repair my computer, I need a soldering iron. I have found this product on the Internet for a long time, and the delivery is very fast. I was quite impressed by this soldering iron. It came with several interchangeable tips, that were easy to swap, and I liked the temperature control feature. A great kit at a great price! Comes with everything you need to get started. Would have been better if it was all in some kind of bag or pouch.
    It worked great for what I bought it for, highly recommend this item if you have some light soldering to do. Very easy to handle, certainly adequate temperature, quite a nice little item.

    Jul 03,2019

  • Lester
    Very Nice
    I have only used twice to solder some small wiring ...worked perfectly...very handy kit with a variety of tips and solder also included.
    I've never had one of these before, so I purchased this inexpensive one to give soldering a try. Seems to work ok. Has a little temperature knob on the side, to adjust the temperature. I don't know if it actually does, but on the lowest heat setting, it melted the included solder just fine. I think this is a very good product, so I recommend people who need it to buy it. I hope my suggestion will help you.

    Jul 02,2019

  • Middleton
    Exactly what I needed
    I bought this to repair my RV inverter that I blew the fuses on. In the last several months I have repaired four more for other fellow RVers who blew the fuses on there inverters also. A must have for your tool box. This is a quite powerful iron which heats up VERY QUICKLY! I like how lightweight and simple it is to set up the tips of the iron for your needs. I would love it even more if it had a case to store all of the parts or a stand to place it in when you want to put it down...

    Jun 26,2019

  • Porter
    The best thing I bought in a while
    Heats up very quickly, the adjustable temperature range is useful for many applications. Variety of tips come with it and make it versatile.

    May 29,2019

  • Mahoney
    Useful and effective
    I dropped a part on the computer motherboard and soldered it by myself. This soldering iron is cost-effective

    Jun 16,2019

  • Nixon
    Excellent attachment for a great price!
    Better than expected. Durable and high quality. Worked as advertised.

    Jun 01,2019

  • Newell
    Five Stars
    Is a great product, I like it very much. I am so glad I purchased this item!

    Jun 09,2019

  • Virgil
    work great..
    Receiving goods quickly. Great buy for the price. Would Recommend.

    Jun 12,2019