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  • Celeste Thoms
    Igen (5) Szín: Black and Grey
    This `` Amazon Basic'' is surprisingly simple in design, with a confident grip that is uncanny, which can be precisely recalled using small marks that are molded into the plastic at the pivot points of both the upper arm and lower arm, I have applied a bit of white nail polish to the two marks that correspond to my favorite angle

    Apr 11,2018

  • Krešimir
    Igen (0) Szín: Black and Blue
    Highly practical mobile phone holder
    Very simple and easy-to-install phone holder.It is not glued to the surface but sticks to it using a gel solution which holds perfectly.Love this solution which does not cover one of the ventilation/aircondition opening.I mount my phone using just one hand, it's very easy and fast.LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

    Mar 11,2019

  • Fiona99
    Igen (0) Szín: Black and Grey
    It's versatile in the respect that it allows you use it on a variety of devices and that you are able to stand the devices up vertically, and at many angles, The padding coming off didn't seem to affect the performance of the stand and haven't scratched any surface that I am aware of yet

    Jul 01,2018

  • Ana Belen Eguiguren
    Igen (0) Szín: BLACK&RED
    You can put the charging wire through the opening so you can keep charging comfortably while using it-if I have to say one minor disadvantage is that it doesn't fold up so it's bulky-but it is extremely sturdy made of high quality metal and that makes up for the inconvenience

    Oct 20,2018

  • Greg Bristow
    Igen (3) Szín: Black and Blue
    The little rubber pads on the inside of the holders work great and make it a soft surface to set the iPad on, The arm is adjustable but it's pretty stiff, which is great because you don't want it to fold under the weight of whatever you set on it, Happy with this purchase

    Jul 25,2018

  • Aram
    Igen (0) Szín: BLACK&RED
    Alligator Clip
    Great product! Long wanted to buy something like that. Very convenient to install the smartphone, you can one hand.

    May 16,2018

  • deferol
    Igen (0) Szín: Black and Blue
    about car phone holder
    I don't like it. It is difficult to pull out the phone. When installed and pulled out, the volume buttons are pressed, it takes up a lot of space on the auto panel. It is better to use the holder that is mounted in the nest of the CD player

    Nov 29,2018

  • A. Jefferson
    Igen (0) Szín: Black and Blue
    It does take up a little more space if you are using it for your phone so if you are solely looking for a phone tablet can also consider Lamicall's adjustable phone stand -LRB- see below -RRB-, It is fairly price friendly too

    Mar 09,2018

  • Hugo
    Igen (0) Szín: Black and Blue
    Great product
    This item is great! It's exactly like in the pictures and it holds the phone perfectly on your dashboard. Remember that you can only use your phone in landscape mode with this. For me, it's exactly what I was looking for!

    Aug 15,2019

  • TwinsMa
    Igen (0) Szín: Black and Grey
    Just received this great little gadget, I usually read at night in a recliner with my feet up and a pillow to make the Kindle just the right height, This stand doesn't need a solid surface and works great on my pillow

    Mar 02,2018