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  • B. Free
    I'd always have to try more than once and even damaged a few while trying to peel the protector back up to realign it, Don't know how long the protector will last but I will update this review if the durability is unacceptable in the future, This review is my own and I purchased the item myself

    Sep 23,2018

  • Martha Mortensen
    Unbelievable quality, I am not the best at putting screen protector on my phones, I always see bubbles and it's not very center but with this product all of that goes out of the window, Feel confident in buying this product

    Aug 04,2018

  • naveen hooda
    It's always protected my phone and my boyfriends phone until he threw his phone and the actual screen cracked -LRB- which is expected from how hard he threw it -RRB-, Over all it's a good screen protector

    Jun 15,2018

  • J. Gomez
    Great product, When I looked closer it protective screen was all that was shattered, The iPhone screen was in perfect condition, cleaned the iPhone screen and put a new one on

    Sep 03,2018

  • Samantha Rummel
    This screen protector seriously has to be the absolute best one I've ever purchased in my life, It's so nice it comes with a guide to get the screen protector on more center

    Jan 17,2018

  • Rebecca Chabot
    The plastic guide really helped install the protector and all the items to make sure the surface is ideal before putting on the cover, Very happy with my purchase

    Feb 14,2018

  • Costa
    good product
    Good product. Nicely built. Well packed. Good materials. Recommended. Good product. Nicely built. Well packed. Good materials. Recommended.

    Sep 17,2018

  • TheSovietHitman
    The instructions were easy to follow, The glass is clean and thin, This is the fourth screen protector -LRB- different brand -RRB- purchased and used in a year

    Oct 06,2018

  • Kasey H.
    Screen protector works great and was easy to install with no bubbles, Installation kit comes with a guide for even placing which was amazing

    Sep 02,2018

  • Peter Blinn
    Purchased because the price was reasonable and provided an additional two protectors for when my son will inevitably need replacements

    Sep 05,2018