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  • Fabricio
    Igen (0) Szín: White
    A really good Homekit Hub
    This was the first AQara product that I purchased and was really worried about the homekit compatibility and reliability, I was used to the Philips Hue Hub and the Philips hue was not that stable (even when it was connected directly to the router using cable), so I was mostly worried about the Wifi connection to manage all of the devices and trigger the actions via homekit. When it first came out I had a little issue to setup due to its compatibility to 2.4GHz only Wifi, so I had to change the frequency that I was connected on my phone (since the setup is using the phone's wifi connection) and then setup the device... After that, everything worked flawlessly, the actions were all triggered instantly, I rarely see any communication issues between homekit and the hub via the Home app (I see that a lot with the Philips Hue Hub). Also, this is not only a Hub, it includes an alarm system and a night light, which by itself is very good compared to other hubs that actually are only hubs and nothing else. The advantages in my opinion are:- Cheaper and higher quality than competitors;- Supports 220v (most of the competitors don't);- Is more than a Hub, since it includes an alarm and a night light;- Uses Zigbee so it does not interfere on my wifi setup.For me the disadvantages currently are: - I need to use an adapter since there is no Brazilian version of the power plug, so I had to use an adapter to power the Hub (which also was already included on the box);- There is no south american server to use the AQara cloud functions, which for now is Ok since I control everything thru Apple Homekit;- The hub has voice feedback but only in English and Chinese, that is good, but since there is no Brazilian Portuguese, I opt to have that disabled.The Hub is constantly being updated and always getting better, I've already started the process to decommission my Philips Hue setup and implement a full AQara setup.

    May 23,2019

  • Lucián
    Igen (1) Szín: White
    Smart hub for home automation
    I was thinking about smart home application already for some time and then finally I decided to go to Aqara solutions even the support for EU is not sufficient - nor EU plug, nor full support of EU servers and latest information is no support of Aqara app for EU at all. Luckily Xiaomi Home application is still working (Including firmware update of Aqara hub - Aqara hub arrived with 1.5.9_000, but was able to update currently to 1.6.2_003) for Aqara products and I did not have hard time to set everything up. There was and is still some glitch at first where all added devices went offline, but it seems it was issue of Chinese server which is needed to be set and used for proper function of Aqara smart products (I assume Xiaomi too) in EU.At the moment I am using one Aqara hub with 8 Temp/Hum/Press sensors and one motion sensor, without any issues. Update of temperature through this hub is not online, there is always needed update of screen to get actual temperature - but this is due to long battery performance plan - so update of temperature and humidity, as well as pressure is not online, but only in the case where there is any bigger change in its values. History data could be seen in Xiaomi Home application - I would like to have possibility to export them into Excel or any other software for further processing. I am planning to buy additional Temp/Hum/Pressure sensors as well as another smart devices soon.I got with package also EU plug, but it is too huge for seamless application of this Hub into the wall socket. As for the price, it was bit pricey in comparison to Mijia and Xiaomi hub and support for EU is not as it should be in these days for such modern product.

    Sep 23,2019

  • ezequielgn
    Igen (0) Szín: White
    Una centralita domótica sencilla y económica
    Opté por la marca AQARA porque había oído a varios podcaster hablar de ella con buenas referencias. En concreto por unos 30€ o 40€ (en función de promociones) puedes optar por este HUB o GATEWAY con el que controlar el resto de dispositivos de Aqara (que son bastantes y los necesarios para comenzar con esto de la domótica). Además tiene la ventaja este hub de ser compatible con Homekit / aplicación HOME (Apple), con la aplicación de Xiaomi (Mi Home), y con la propia de Aqara, como no podía ser de otra forma. De esta manera puedes darle órdenes a SIRI (el asistente de Apple) para que vaya ejecutando acciones además de automatizar procesos.De cara a la CONFIGURACIÓN hay que tener en cuenta que el primer día no me funcionó. Parece cómo que los servidores de Aqara tienen que reconocer el aparato y darlo de alta en el sistema. Ni con distintas WIFI, ni con distintos móviles, ni haciéndolo 20 veces lograba configurarlo. Pero al día siguiente todo iba!!!Tanto con la aplicación de Aqara (poniendo "Other Region") como con la aplicación Mi Home (Xiaomi) (poniendo China continental) funcionan todos los dispositivos. Una vez tienes el HUB instalado a través de este dispositivo vas instalando los otros componentes: bombillas, enchufes, detectores de puertas, de movimiento, temperatura, etc.Totalmente aconsejable. Consejo: No desistas a la primera cuando empieces la configuración. Paciencia!!

    Jan 16,2019

  • Ricca
    Igen (0) Szín: White
    Si integra piuttosto bene con Siri ma..
    Come tutti gli accessori Aqara anche il Gateway ha un ottimo rapporto Qualità/Prezzo.Le 5 stelle sono per i tempi di spedizione e per l'hardware ben fatto volessi dare un giudizio sul software darei un 2:Infatti l'unica critica che posso fare è su un software ancora acerbo su molti punti di vista.. (e che non so se aggiorneranno per le versioni europee)Possiedo diversi sensori e purtroppo non posso usare un unica app per poter gestire la demotica:- Sono obbligato ad usare l'app di Aqara per potere collegare i miei sensori all'Hub a meno che non utilizzi il server Cinese. Peccato che l'app Aqara non sia in grado di gestire le automazioni.- Quindi devo ricorrere all'app MiHome, che come detto prima, non mi permette aggiungere dispositivi perché non riconosce l'Hub Aqara (Nel server Europeo).Inoltre è ancora più acerba la parte Voice Control:- Siri funziona discretamente.. anche se mi crea dei problemi il fatto che utilizzando i wall switch, questi vengano riconosciuti solo come interruttori per le luci mentre a me serva che vengano riconosciuti per aprire e chiudere le serrande.. quindi se ordino di aprire le tapparelle il tasto mi rimane attivo anche una volta che sono tutte aperte e mi tocca dire una cosa come: " ehi siri, spengi "apri tapparelle"... "- Per quanto riguarda Alexa.. non è compatibile praticamente con niente, inutilizzabile.. la skill Alexa non è acerba, di più.

    Aug 06,2019

  • Hendrik1774o
    Igen (1) Szín: White
    Works great.
    Hey there! I am using this hub with door/window sensors and temerature/humidity sensors. In combination with the HomePod i can ask Siri everywhere on the world if all of my windows are closed, how warm it is in the living room and so on.Wifi is good, haven't had any problems with that, the distance to the access point is about 7 meters through a ferroconcrete ceiling. ZigBee is powerful enough to communicate with all sensors (distances between 2 and 9 meters).Could recommend this product for everyone who wants a cheap and easy start to the smart-home topic.The App is available in the german App-Store, the app does support different languages such as english. The hub itself sometimes gives voice-feedback (For example when pairing with a new sensor) - that is always on Chinese - but that doesn't matter.The Wallplug also is the Chinese one - Gearbest delivered an wall-plug-adapter with the bridge, so no problems with that.At all: Great Product.

    Jan 22,2019

  • Aqara Smart gateway with HomeKit connectivity
    Igen (1) Szín: White
    Absolutely fantastic product!
    Once you purchase this product and figure out how to set it up for homeKit connectivity, you will be extremely impressed by all of the products available and at exceptionally competitive pricing! For HomeKit connection, I would recommend using the MiHome app, but you will need to update to the latest software! I have purchased some smoke detectors that are only recognised in the Mi Home app and not the Aqara app or the iOS Home app, hopefully this will be addressed soon. In the meantime you set the smoke alarm to trigger the gateway alarm when smoke is detected and that then sends a notification to your Mobile/cellular phone. It does also notify you simultaneously on your phone through the Mi Home app. Also works well with the vibration/motion sensor, which I use to trigger scenes and security notifications. Amazing quality and I am looking forward to receiving my door/window sensors!

    Dec 09,2018

  • Lupavo
    Igen (0) Szín: White
    Aqara Hub
    Visto il prezzo l'ho provato per aggiungere vari sensori al sistema Homekit. sono soddisfatto. funziona egregiamente, meglio di più famosi sensori e apparecchi smart che collegandosi in wi-fi perdono ripetutamente il segnale. la comunicazione Zigbee è impeccabile. per il mio ecosistema Homekit ho provato e reso indietro diversi prodotti, ma tengo volentieri questo sistema Aqara hub di Xiaomi insieme al "Hue" di Philips. Difficile installazione perché se non si aggiorna il firmware il mi home non lo riconosce. la sequenza adottata è la seguente: prima installazione via app Aqara solo per aggiornamento firmware di hub e sensori, successivamente installazione via Mi Home utilizzando server Cina continentale. da questo momento in poi gestisco solo via Mihome o Homekit

    Jan 19,2019

  • khanh
    Igen (3) Szín: White
    fonctionne mais configuration difficile
    Après deux heures de tentative d'appairage, j'ai réussi à paramétré le hub en suivant les étapes suivantes k1. Création d'un compte aqara en choissant la Chine comme pays d'utilisation du compte (dans le cas contraire pas d'envoi de mail avec code de confirmation de création de compte) 2. wifi en 2,4GhzNe fonctionne pas avec un réseau 5ghz 3. Version 1.4.2 de l'application La dernière version de l'application aqara fait de la géo-localisation et le hub est livré avec un ancien firmware qui n'accepte UE la Chine comme lieu de paramétrage. Seule la version de l'application permet de forcer la position à Chine Continentale. 4. Apparaige suivant les étapes décrit par le manuel. A partir de ce moment l'apairage est okIl faut ensuite mettre à jour le firmware vers la dernière version. L'apparaige s'effectue alors avec la nouvelle version de l'application aqara home.

    Dec 02,2018

  • Hervé F.
    Igen (0) Szín: White
    Très bon petit systeme
    Je suis ravi d avoir acheté le système aqara.C est programmable a souhait.Les commutateurs peuvent servir en tant que sonnette ( attente livraison) ou en tant qu interrupteur ( c est mon cas) d alarme. De plus, le système est pilotable a distance grâce a l appli Xiaomi Home.La base est aussi grand que un donut, et l adapteur france/chine ( mais pas trop pratique avec mes prises de courant).Le système de connecte rapidement a la box ( manuel en chinois mais les dessins sont assez clair), et chaque accessoire se connecte en moins d une minute.Je suis en attente d une seconde livraison pour compléter mon système.Les accessoires sont très petits.Le capteur d eau détecte avec très peu d eau.Piles fournies et se trouvent en supermarché.

    Aug 04,2019

  • FloFrad
    Igen (2) Szín: White
    Déçu mais fonctionne bien
    Je pensais que ce nouveau modèle de la gateway allait révolutionner la façon dont je me sers de mes divers équipement Xiaomi/Yeelight/Aqara/Zigbee mais pas du tout.J'ai déjà eu un mal fou à le synchroniser à l'application Aqara Home qui perdait la connexion systématiquement plusieurs fois par jour (fonctionne parfaitement dans Mi Home). Et je pensai pouvoir ajouter tous mes accessoires dans Maison pour Homekit alors qu'il ne prend en charge QUE les équipements Aqara et pas du tout les Yeelight (c'est pourtant bien marqué dans la notice et ca fonctionne plutôt bien) donc je ne peux pas contrôler mes lumières depuis Homekit.

    Dec 03,2018